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Latest Product Announcements

Watch the product keynote delivered by Chief Product Officer, Sahir Azam.

MongoDB Database 4.4

Building on the MongoDB 4.x release family as the ideal foundation for the future of data

Refinable Shard Keys

Define and refine your shard keys at any time to adapt data distribution across your cluster as your database grows and applications evolve, without impacting system availability.

Hedged Reads

Minimizing p95 and p99 latencies, the MongoDB query router submits read requests in parallel to multiple replicas, returning results as soon as the quickest responds.


Enhancing the power of the MongoDB Query Language, you can now blend data from multiple collections into a single result set, enabling deeper exploration and analysis of data in any structure and at any scale.

Rust and Swift Drivers

New idiomatic drivers make it even faster for you to write safe and fast code. Rust and Swift join a dozen existing MongoDB drivers available for all of the most popular programming languages.

MongoDB Atlas

The best way to deploy and run MongoDB in the public cloud is with MongoDB Atlas, the fully managed, global cloud database. Here’s what’s new —

Atlas Online Archive (Beta)

Drive increased efficiency by tiering your data based on performance requirements. Atlas automatically moves infrequently accessed data to queryable archival storage, helping you reduce costs while preserving access to historic data.

Schema Suggestions

The easiest way to address performance issues before they impact your users. The Performance Advisor in Atlas now offers actionable schema advice based on automated analysis of your database metadata and logs.

AWS IAM Authentication

Simplify cloud-native security by allowing your applications, containers, and serverless functions to authenticate to MongoDB Atlas clusters running MongoDB 4.4 (available in beta) using existing Amazon IAM credentials.

Atlas Search GA

The fastest way to build fast, relevant full-text search natively on top of your MongoDB data. With Atlas Search, you write queries that combine search with the MongoDB aggregation framework, all with no additional infrastructure to manage.

Atlas App Services

With MongoDB Atlas, you can scale your databases up, down, or out in a few clicks or API calls.


DevOps Tools and Integrations

Deployment & Management in Any Environment