Containerized Ops Manager Now Generally Available

When we introduced the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator last year, we made it simple to deploy and manage containerized database deployments while taking advantage of the automation, performance optimization, and backup capabilities of Ops Manager— the enterprise management application for MongoDB.

We’re now pleased to announce the general availability of containerized Ops Manager via the production-ready MongoDBOpsManager Custom Resource. This allows our Enterprise Operator to run the application as a container orchestrated from any Kubernetes control plane, making it easier than ever for you to deploy, manage, and upgrade Ops Manager and its underlying infrastructure.

Since the beta was announced earlier this year, the following improvements and features have been added:

  • StatefulSet template support to fine-tune Ops Manager deployments
  • Secured Ops Manager deployments with TLS encryption
  • Deployment of Ops Manager backup infrastructure
  • Support for Ops Manager “local mode” (for air-gap environments)
  • RedHat certification of our Enterprise Operator is now inclusive of Ops Manager resources

To learn more about containerized Ops Manager, check out the following resources: