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Compatibility Changes in MongoDB 7.1

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  • Backward-Incompatible Features
  • Deprecated Parameters
  • General Changes


MongoDB 7.2 is a rapid release and is only supported for MongoDB Atlas. MongoDB 7.2 is not supported for use on-premises. For more information, see MongoDB Versioning.

Starting in MongoDB 7.1, MongoDB doesn't round the capped size of non-oplog capped collections up to the nearest integer multiple of 256, in bytes.

Capped collections with a size that is not a multiple of 256 bytes are not compatible with earlier versions of MongoDB. To downgrade from MongoDB 7.1 to an earlier version, you must remove or resize the collection. To learn how to resize a capped collection, see Resize a Capped Collection.

MongoDB 7.1 deprecates the following server parameters:


Deprecated in version 7.1.

MongoDB 7.1 deprecates the minNumChunksForSessionsCollection server parameter. Starting in MongoDB 7.1. the config.system.sessions collection is no longer presplitted during balancing rounds. You cannot use minNumChunksForSessionsCollection to guarantee a minimum number of chunks for that collection.

MongoDB 7.1 deprecates the getAuditConfig command. Use the auditConfig cluster parameter instead.
MongoDB 7.1 deprecates the setAuditConfig command. Use the auditConfig cluster parameter instead.

Starting in MongoDB 7.1, the serverStatus metric countDocsClonedOnDonor is now shardingStatistics.countDocsDeletedByRangeDeleter.

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