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6.1 Changelog

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  • 6.1.1 Changelog

Changes are listed here when a patch release is available.

SERVER-70559 tag FLE2 tests such that they do not run with stepdown suites

  • SERVER-64730 The 'forceShardFilteringMetadataRefresh' methods don't synchronise with each other

  • SERVER-67891 Implement basic structure of $shardedDataDistribution stage

  • SERVER-68249 Add required privileges on the $shardedDataDistribution aggregation stage

  • SERVER-68361 LogTransactionOperationsForShardingHandler::commit misses transferring documents from prepared and non-prepared transactions changing a document's shard key value

  • SERVER-68932 Update resharding critical section metrics on writes

  • SERVER-69134 Dropping a sharded collection doesn't get rid of the CSS entry

  • SERVER-69429 Missing checks in collMod for shard key and unique index

  • SERVER-69444 Make the joining of concurrent critical section and refresh look the same between DSS and CSS

  • SERVER-69575 ShardingDataTransformInstanceMetrics Unit Test Suite Does Not Cover Interactions with Cumulative Metrics

  • SERVER-69756 Segmentation fault on abortReshardCollection issued right after reshardCollection cmd

  • SERVER-69773 all_collection_stats.js should compare only few selected fields

  • SERVER-69874 Document or possibly mitigate scenario where shards end up with different prepareUnique and unique index settings

  • SERVER-70364 Retry configureFailPoint command on network error (resharding_coordinator_recovers_abort_decision.js)

  • SERVER-70793 Make database metadata refresh first check new metadata under the IS lock before taking X lock

  • SERVER-70190 ExpressionSwitch::optimize() can leave expression tree in an invalid state leading to invariant failure

  • SERVER-70381 _internalSearchIdLookup stage violates a 5.0 precondition of the getOwnershipFilter function

SERVER-68548 mongo shell version 4.4.15 logging asio message despite --quiet flag

  • SERVER-62201 Remove all outdated entries from backports_required_for_multiversion_tests.yml

  • SERVER-63104 Make it easy to run jsCore locally again in a world with tests tagged by feature flag

  • SERVER-63811 mongos returns no results for $documents if the database doesn't exist

  • SERVER-64181 Remove TODO listed in SERVER-46669

  • SERVER-65575 convert buildscripts/ to a python script

  • SERVER-66834 Zones created by defragmentation_util.js must always align with chunks

  • SERVER-66972 Database critical section does not serialize with ongoing refreshes

  • SERVER-67324 Replace calls to replSetStepUp in jstest with stepUp in tenant_migration_recipient_access_blocker_rollback.js

  • SERVER-67681 Create specific target for compile commands

  • SERVER-67795 Add serverstatus tracking to know how many users use updateMany and DeleteMany

  • SERVER-67898 BalancerCollectionStatus return wrong chunk size for session collection

  • SERVER-67926 Delete non-existing garbage collectable tenant migration data should not cause a ConflictingInProgress error

  • SERVER-68541 Concurrent removeShard and movePrimary may delete unsharded collections

  • SERVER-68769 If a shard key index cannot be dropped then a user should not be able to hide that index

  • SERVER-68854 Fix deadlock in SchedulingTicketHolder

  • SERVER-68866 drop_connections_replset needs to wait for configs to propagate.

  • SERVER-68901 Incorrect $elemMatch query analysis in mongocryptd if document contains 2 different fields with the same name

  • SERVER-68921 Handle multiversion scenario when returning 'InvalidNamespace' error in timeseries_collmod.js

  • SERVER-69006 Add more tracing to fle basic insert/update/replace for hedged reads

  • SERVER-69037 SBE plan cache size calculation is slightly off

  • SERVER-69069 InTel would like to be able to specify a subset of collections in the data-size distribution API

  • SERVER-69108 SCCL can immediately return config and admin metadata without triggering a refresh

  • SERVER-69109 Fix logging in random_moveChunk_index_operations FSM test

  • SERVER-69133 remove redundant setting of hardlink install action

  • SERVER-69136 Tests should consider balancerCollectionStatus may report balancerCompliant too early

  • SERVER-69224 Skip AuditEncCompManagerTest.EncryptAndEncodeLargePayloadSucceeds When GCM not supported

  • SERVER-69281 Force minimum ninja version

  • SERVER-69348 Commands must declare empty auth checks to be universally callable

  • SERVER-69353 Generate burn_in tasks separately

  • SERVER-69446 Increase electionTimeoutMillis in jstests/replsets/dbcheck_write_concern.js

  • SERVER-69465 Accept same specs for $_internalAllCollectionStats as $collStats

  • SERVER-69590 libunwind warnings on clang arm platforms

  • SERVER-69603 Do not report drop events as part of shardCollection

  • SERVER-69748 "pipelineUsesLookup" field is tracked incorrectly in CurOp

  • SERVER-69765 turn off default split dwarf on darwin platform

  • SERVER-69784 Fix instances of signed char misuse

  • SERVER-69868 Return an error when starting a TransportLayer that is shutdown

  • SERVER-69877 Remove untimestamped writes to the catalog when restarting unfinished index builds during startup recovery

  • SERVER-69898 Wait for the critical section catch-up phase before refreshing the DB version

  • SERVER-69912 SConstruct is executable by mistake

  • SERVER-69926 doesn't detect duplicate errors in MONGO_UNREACHABLE_TASSERT

  • SERVER-69930 Unexpected error message in the logs attempting to refresh the version of a dropped database

  • SERVER-69944 Resmoke's does not properly parse * before **

  • SERVER-70062 Log pertinent info about oplog entries in oplog rolled over restore failure

  • SERVER-70167 Resumed create coordinator may incorrectly try to release the critical section

  • SERVER-70181 Ubuntu and Debian package tests failing in Server master

  • SERVER-70231 Coverity analysis defect 122778: Using a moved object

  • SERVER-70251 Update task with its _gen version on windows build variants

  • SERVER-70274 Improve performance of change stream pre-images purging job by leveraging EOF filter

  • SERVER-70314 Adjust time series extended range tests to account for log retention limitations

  • SERVER-70348 Remove EAGAIN for queryable WT and retry internally

  • SERVER-70361 OperationContext wait should handle out of range durations

  • SERVER-70436 Restrict cases where isCoveredNullQuery can apply

  • SERVER-70469 Use virtual env python in watchdog tests

  • SERVER-70483 Update Resmoke to pass "evergreen_execution" up to logkeeper.

  • SERVER-70484 Remove signal processing module from perf.yml and sys_perf.yml

  • SERVER-70602 Handle faulty balancerCompliant reporting by waiting for some no-op balancing rounds

  • SERVER-70657 Update NOMAS feature flags version to 6.0

  • SERVER-70725 Cluster aggregate may incorrectly result in CollectionUUIDMismatch if fetching routing info fails

  • SERVER-70773 Skip rebuilding instance on stepup in tenant migration recipient test

  • SERVER-70774 Add periodic builds to the release projects

  • SERVER-70834 fix tasks which don't use scons cache from reporting failure

  • SERVER-70864 Get rid of fine grained scoped range deleter lock

  • SERVER-70879 Fix race where multiple threads are turning an index multikey concurrently

  • SERVER-70893 Cherry pick upstream SCons performance improvements

  • SERVER-71055 OplogOrder test can read stale all_durable timestamp after rolling back oplog entries

  • SERVER-71089 Run signing tasks on a single distro

  • SERVER-71167 txn_index_catalog_changes.js session garbage collection can deadlock with fsync lock in consistency checks

  • SERVER-71191 Deadlock between index build setup, prepared transaction, and stepdown

  • SERVER-71249 Remove buildvariant task overrides for .publish tags

  • SERVER-71424 Fix failures in lint_fuzzer_sanity

  • SERVER-71471 Improve jstestfuzz deployment to work with new node run/install

  • SERVER-71473 Begin using the new test stats location

  • SERVER-71477 Check '_internalAllCollectionStatsSpec.getStats()' exists (boost::optional) before calling 'makeStatsForNs' in 'document_source_internal_all_collection_stats.cpp'

  • SERVER-71534 lint_fuzzer_sanity_all regression caused by running multiple instances of npm

  • SERVER-71683 unbounded memory growth during tenant migrations

  • SERVER-72021 Fix Enterprise SLES 12 crypt_create_lib Evergreen Failure

  • WT-9926 A crash during startup from backup can lose metadata

  • WT-10030 Internal pages with fast truncated children are not actively freed

  • WT-10064 Don't evict internal pages with non-globally visible deleted pages for non standalone build

  • WT-10172 Tag RHEL PPC Evergreen builder on mongodb-6.1

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