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Compatibility Changes in MongoDB 5.2

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  • $setWindowFields Stage with Transactions and Snapshot Read Concern
  • Removed Parameters
  • Existing Indexes Can Be Dropped During an Index Build


MongoDB 7.3 is a rapid release and is only supported for MongoDB Atlas. MongoDB 7.3 is not supported for use on-premises. For more information, see MongoDB Versioning.

The following 5.2 changes can affect compatibility with older versions of MongoDB.

In MongoDB versions earlier than 5.3, the $setWindowFields aggregation pipeline stage cannot be used with transactions or the "snapshot" read concern.

MongodB removes the following mongod options:

Removed mongod Options
MongoDB 5.2 removes the --cpu mongod option.

Starting in MongoDB 5.2, you can use dropIndexes or db.collection.dropIndexes() to drop existing indexes on the same collection even if there is an index build in progress. In earlier versions, attempting to drop a different index during an in-progress index build results in a BackgroundOperationInProgressForNamespace error.

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