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5.1 Changelog

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  • 5.1.1 Changelog
  • SERVER-51329 Unexpected non-retryable error when shutting down a mongos server

  • SERVER-55382 Ignore error from retryable write being converted to transaction and that transaction failing in random_moveChunk_update_shard_key.js

  • SERVER-57686 We need test coverage that runs resharding in the face of elections

  • SERVER-58343 Re-enable reshard_collection_failover_shutdown_basic.js

  • SERVER-59719 shardsvr{Commit, Abort}ReshardCollection may return unrecoverable error on stepdown, leading to fassert() on config server

  • SERVER-59806 Optimized path of shard collection fails to succeed with a large number of chunks

  • SERVER-60730 shardsvrDropDatabase should always join existing coordinator

  • SERVER-60751 move_chunk_critical_section_non_internal_client_abort.js does not consider config server stepdowns

  • SERVER-60945 Increase the resharding critical section timeout value for resharding_large_number_of_initial_chunks.js

  • SERVER-61027 Port permitMigrations changes

  • SERVER-61186 Remove the ReshardingTest fixture's isMixedVersionCluster() method

  • SERVER-61289 Make resharding_retryable_writes.js more robust to timing

  • SERVER-61473 Resharding coordinator calls ReshardingMetrics::onCompletion() multiple times on transient errors, leading to config server crash

  • SERVER-61482 Updates to config.reshardingOperations wait for PrimaryOnlyService to be rebuilt while holding oplog slot, stalling replication on config server indefinitely

  • SERVER-61483 Resharding coordinator fails to recover abort decision on step-up, attempts to commit operation as success, leading to data inconsistency

  • SERVER-61607 Accept DuplicateKey as a possible error in resharding_nonblocking_coordinator_rebuild.js

  • SERVER-61633 Resharding's RecipientStateMachine doesn't join thread pool for ReshardingOplogFetcher, leading to server crash at shutdown

  • SERVER-54909 In replSetGetStatus, report last durable and last applied operation wall times for all members

  • SERVER-59721 Node may become unable to sync from other members after performing rollback to stable timestamp

  • SERVER-60946 Race condition in replsetprio1.js when initiating replset with nodes having different priorities

  • SERVER-60969 ReplClientInfo::getLastOp may not be updated before being used to wait for replication in tenant migration

  • SERVER-61440 Race in tenant_migration_recipient_current_op.js

SERVER-59924 Error executing aggregate with $out with "available" read concern on sharded clusters

SERVER-58736 Avoid quadratic behavior in rollback with many collections

  • SERVER-55535 Performance tests to exercise change streams optimizations

  • SERVER-59297 Allow system threads to survive InterruptedDueToStorageChange

  • SERVER-59871 startup_recovery_for_restore_restarts.js needs to make sure a checkpoint happens after failpoint

  • SERVER-60393 increase replica_sets_jscore_passthrough time limit to 3hr.

  • SERVER-60567 Fix SBE command's handling of collection UUIDs

  • SERVER-60616 Coverity analysis defect 120880: Unsigned compared against 0

  • SERVER-60632 Inconsistent error on mongos when renameCollection target already exists

  • SERVER-60671 Remove dagger

  • SERVER-60729 Explicitly step up first node in initiate_takes_stable_checkpoint.js

  • SERVER-60756 Add additional logging for failed updates in multi_statement_transaction_atomicity_isolation.js

  • SERVER-61021 Documents may be retrieved out of order in timeseries_delete.js

  • SERVER-61039 Sharded time-series listIndexes should report the view's namespace

  • SERVER-61164 Accept error code 48 (Inappropriate authentication) as a valid response for LDAP liveness check

  • SERVER-61178 Use less concurrency in find_cmd_with_indexes_timeseries.js

  • SERVER-61208 Balancer might be running when it shouldn't in transactions_stale_shard_version_errors.js

  • SERVER-61238 Resmoke hook's thread logs not being shown

  • SERVER-61269 Adding log to awaitdata_getmore_cmd.js

  • SERVER-61270 Coverity analysis defect 121083: Macro compares unsigned to 0

  • SERVER-61291 Fix forward compatibility with

  • SERVER-61295 Complete TODO listed in SERVER-35721

  • SERVER-61296 Complete TODO listed in SERVER-26792

  • SERVER-61304 Unable to use --use-system-{pcre,boost,...} with r5.1.0

  • SERVER-61308 CappedPositionLost if capped collection wraps around during tenant migration

  • SERVER-61309 Fix time-series bucket lock reacquisition logic

  • SERVER-61353 MongoDB 5.1.0 displays development version start-up warning

  • SERVER-61360 reduce Debian 9 variants jlink to prevent OOM cases

  • SERVER-61405 Consider removing fCV check from $$SEARCH_META

  • SERVER-61489 Revert the executor_with_mock_net_stress_test test

  • SERVER-61496 [SBE] buildSortMerge() does not account for nested MERGE_SORT stages

  • SERVER-61532 Opcounters to detect constrain violations need to be exposed.

  • SERVER-61597 Use deterministic order for random_moveChunk_timeseries_inserts.js

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