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MongoDB Ops Manager

Manage Ops Manager Hostname and Ports

On this page

  • Override the Ops Manager Hostname
  • Change the Default Port
  • Enable the Health Check Endpoint

Ops Manager must provide a consistent hostname and consistent ports. Follow these procedures to:

  • Override the default hostname for Ops Manager

  • Change the default ports for Ops Manager

  • Enable the health-check endpoints


All of these procedures are optional. You shouldn't need to change these settings unless your Ops Manager Backup Daemons or Ops Manager Application doesn't appear with the correct hostname, or you need to change ports to meet local security concerns.

Ops Manager tries to detect its host's FQDN. There might be times when the Ops Manager hosts select the wrong hostname. If you need to override the hostname that Ops Manager selected, you can set Ops Manager to use a hostname that you specify.


If Ops Manager works as expected from the URL you wanted, you can skip this procedure.

Ops Manager uses the ports and health-check endpoints described in Firewall Configuration. The endpoints default to disabled.

Ops Manager provides an HTTP health-check endpoint. This endpoint is accessed on port 8090 and is disabled by default. Before you enable the endpoint, make sure that another application or process isn't using port 8090 .

To enable the endpoint:


Open the mms.conf file with root access. mms.conf is located in the <install_dir>/conf/ directory.


To enable the endoint, remove the # symbol so that the line reads:



This port is only accessible from localhost (or The port number can be changed from 8090 to another value.

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