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Configure API Access

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To access the Ops Manager API, you must generate an API key for programmatic access for an organization.


API Keys can't use the Ops Manager Console

Organization-based API Keys aren't associated with user credentials. You can't use these API Keys to log in to the Ops Manager console.

Ops Manager allows your Ops Manager Administration API keys to make requests from any address on the internet unless you require an IP access list for the Ops Manager Administration API. If you require an IP access list, your API keys can make API requests only from the location-based IP or CIDR addresses that you specify in the IP access list.

Each API key has its own IP access list. If you require an IP access list for all Ops Manager Administration API requests, you must define at least one IP access list entry for an API key before you can use the API key.

When you create a new organization using the Ops Manager UI, Ops Manager enables the API access list requirement by default. To disable the IP access list requirement when you create an organization, toggle Require IP Access List for Ops Manager Administration API to OFF when you create an organization.

To set your organization to require IP access lists for every Ops Manager Administration API key after organization creation, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Ops Manager.

  2. Access the Organization using the Context picker in the top-left hand corner of the Ops Manager UI.

  3. Click Settings from the left hand navigation.

  4. Toggle the Require IP Access List for Ops Manager Administration API setting to On.

You can set API Keys for an entire organization or project.


Ops Manager Administration API Error Codes


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