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MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

Kubernetes Operator on GDC

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is available on Google Distributed Cloud air-gapped (GDC air-gapped).

GDC air-gapped is Google Cloud’s Kubernetes-based private cloud. It enables you to manage infrastructure, services, APIs, and tooling without a connection to Google Cloud or the public internet. GDC air-gapped provides compliance with strict data residency and security requirements for public sector organizations and regulated enterprises.

Install Kubernetes Operator through GDC air-gapped's built-in application marketplace to manage MongoDB instances in an air-gapped environment without needing to customize further.

Kubernetes Operator manages the namespace that you install Kubernetes Operator in. You can use Kubernetes Operator, according to standard Kubernetes Operator documentation, within GDC air-gapped.

To use Enterprise Advanced on GDC air-gapped, you must ensure you have the correct licenses from MongoDB. For more information, contact