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Connect to Your Federated Database Instance

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This page guides you through the steps for connecting to the federated database instance to query your Data Lake dataset.

Before you begin, you must have the following:

  • An IP address added to the access list of the project that contains the cluster. To learn more, see Add Your Connection IP Address to Your IP Access List.

  • A database user for your cluster in the project that contains the Federated Database Instance that you want to connect to. To learn more, see Create a Database User for Your Cluster.

  • A Federated Database Instance on the Atlas cluster mapped to your Atlas Data Lake dataset. To learn more, see Set Up a Federated Database Instance for Your Dataset.


To navigate to the Atlas Data Federation page:

  1. Log in to MongoDB Atlas.

  2. Select Data Federation under Data Services on the left-hand navigation.



If you are connecting to the Federated Database Instance for querying the Atlas Data Lake dataset that you created using the examples, click Connect for DataLake0.


You can connect using mongosh, a MongoDB Driver, and MongoDB Compass. To learn how to get the connection string for your client, click the tab below for your connection method.

If you are following the examples in the steps for deploying an Atlas Data Lake for the sample_mflix.movies collection and setting up a Federated Database Instance for this Data Lake dataset, click the MongoDB Shell tab below to connect using mongosh.


Now that you are connected to your federated database instance, proceed to Run Queries Against Your Data Lake Dataset.

←  Set Up a Federated Database Instance for Your DatasetRun Queries Against Your Data Lake Dataset →
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