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  • 2022 Releases


Release notes mention only releases with feature changes

MongoDB releases Atlas Data Lake every two weeks, continuously improving Atlas Data Lake performance and stability. These release notes capture only those releases that contain feature changes. If a particular Atlas Data Lake release contains only performance and stability improvements, it is not included in these release notes. To identify which release version you are using, check the release version string for the release date.

  • Adds AWS region: ap-southeast-1 (Singapore).

  • Adds support for the Public API for configuring and utilizing Data Lake Pipelines.

  • Improves performance and stability.

  • Supports On-Demand Pipelines that can be triggered to ingest any existing backup snapshot.

  • Improves performance and stability.

  • Launches new Atlas Data Lake. To learn more, see About Atlas Data Lake.


    The federated query engine service previously called Atlas Data Lake is now called Atlas Data Federation. To learn more about Atlas Data Federation, see Set Up and Query Data Federation.

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