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Migrate a MongoDB Community Deployment to Atlas


If you use MongoDB Community Edition but cannot use general Atlas Live Migration due to network restrictions, you can migrate your MongoDB deployments to Atlas via Cloud Manager. To live migrate data from your MongoDB deployments to clusters in Atlas using Cloud Manager:

  1. Add your deployments to Cloud Manager.
  2. Add credentials for Monitoring.
  3. Follow the Live Migration Process to Atlas.

For detailed steps, see Procedure.


Before you begin the Live Migration process from MongoDB Community to Atlas, you must:


When you add your MongoDB Community deployment to Cloud Manager, you need to add credentials for Monitoring only, not for Automation or Backup. Adding your deployment for Monitoring imports your deployment’s metadata into Cloud Manager to help with the Live Migration process. It does not import your deployment’s actual data.

To learn more about authentication credentials, see Authentication.


Perform this procedure for each of your MongoDB deployments.


Add your deployment to Cloud Manager.

Follow the procedure to Add MongoDB Processes.


Add credentials for Monitoring.

To add credentials for Monitoring:

  1. Create the credentials to the deployment. See Required Access for Monitoring.
  2. Add the credentials based on your project’s authentication mechanism. See Add Authentication Credentials to your Deployment.


If you’re adding your MongoDB deployment to Cloud Manager or Ops Manager so that you can live migrate it to Atlas, you don’t need to add credentials for Automation and Backup. To learn more, see Authentication.


Follow the Live Migration Process to Atlas.

To migrate your deployment to Atlas once you’ve added it to Cloud Manager, follow the workflow in Migrate a Deployment to Atlas.