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Add a Custom MongoDB Build

You can add custom-built versions of MongoDB for Cloud Manager to download. Automation downloads these MongoDB versions “lazily”: downloading binaries for a version of MongoDB when a MongoDB process uses that version on a managed host.

Add a Custom Build

The existing versions of MongoDB may not meet your immediate needs. You can provide other versions of MongoDB through the Custom Builds functionality.


Click Deployment, then the More drop-down list, then Custom Builds.


Click Add Custom Build.


Complete the Add Custom Build form.

Parameter Description

The platform on which this build can be installed.

Accepted values are:

  • Linux (amd64) (64-bit Intel architecture Linux)
  • Linux (ppc64le) (64-bit PowerPC architecture Linux)
  • Mac OS X (amd64) (64-bit Intel architecture macOS)
Version Name

Your label for this build. It must begin with a valid MongoDB version number.


Download URL

URL from which the MongoDB Agent can download this build. This URL must:

  • Be accessible to from your network. It doesn’t need to be Internet accessible.
  • Point to a host running an HTTP-compatible web server.
  • Point to the Custom Build binary file.


The Cloud Manager does not check if this URL exists, only that it is a complete URL.

Git Version

The complete 40-character git SHA-1 checksum (or hash) for this build.



If your Custom Build included any add-on modules, enter them into this combo box.

Accepted values are:

  • None
  • subscription
  • enterprise

Click Add Custom Build.


The new Custom Build appears on the Custom Builds page.


After you create a Custom Build, you cannot edit it. You can click the Remove link to delete it.