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Calculate Suggested Indexes


Available only with Cloud Manager Premium. This feature is available only with Cloud Manager Premium, which comes with certain MongoDB subscriptions. Contact MongoDB for more information.

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Cloud Manager can analyze the data on query patterns collected by the database profiler and suggest a set of indexes that could improve query performance. Cloud Manager scores each suggested index on its expected benefit.


For Cloud Manager to suggest indexes, the following must be true:

  • You must enable database profiling for the MongoDB process. See Profile Databases.
  • The profiler must have data. If profiling is enabled, but no profiling data has yet been collected, Cloud Manager cannot suggest indexes.


To edit the deployment’s configuration:


Click a deployment.


(Optional) For sharded clusters, filter which process type is listed.

The four buttons are listed in the following order, left to right: Shards, Configs, Mongos, and BIs.

Process Displays
Shards mongod processes that host your data.
Configs mongod processes that run as config servers to store a sharded cluster’s metadata.
Mongos mongos processes that route data in a sharded cluster.
BIs BI processes that access data in a sharded cluster.

Click the process for which you want to calculate suggested indexes.

For shared clusters, you must first click the shard that contains the process.


Click the Profiler tab above the charts.


Copy the indexes you want to create and add them to the MongoDB process.

For instructions on adding an index to a MongoDB process, see either: