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MongoDB Atlas Kubernetes Operator

Configure Network Peering

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  • This feature is not available for M0 free clusters, M2, and M5 clusters. To learn more, see Atlas M0 (Free Cluster), M2, and M5 Limits.

  • This feature is not supported on Serverless instances at this time. To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

Atlas supports network peering connections for dedicated clusters hosted on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, and on multi-cloud sharded clusters.

Network peering establishes a private connection between your Atlas VPC and your cloud provider's VPC. The connection isolates traffic from public networks for added security.

Atlas doesn't support network peering between clusters you deploy in a single region on different cloud providers.

To manage your network peering connections with Atlas Kubernetes Operator, you can specify and update the spec.networkPeers parameter for the AtlasProject Custom Resource. Each time you change the spec field in any of the supported custom resources, Atlas Kubernetes Operator creates or updates the corresponding Atlas configuration.

To configure network peering using Atlas Kubernetes Operator, you require:

Enable clients to connect to Atlas clusters using a network peering connection with the following procedure:

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