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Atlas CLI

Run Atlas CLI Commands with Docker

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  • Complete The Prerequisites
  • Follow These Steps

This tutorial shows you how to run Atlas CLI commands with Docker in the following ways:

  • Run Docker in interactive mode

  • Run Docker as a daemon (detached mode)

To learn more about interactive mode and detached mode, see docker run.

For more information on our Atlas CLI docker image, see our Docker Hub repository.

You can also create a local Atlas deployment with Docker. To learn more, see Create a Local Atlas Deployment with Docker.

Before you begin, complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Install the Docker engine or Docker desktop.

  2. Pull the Docker image to install the Atlas CLI with Docker.

  3. (Optional) To run in interactive mode with an environment file, create an environment file that contains valid Atlas CLI environment variables, including API key environment variables that provide your API keys.

To run Atlas CLI commands with Docker, select one of the following options and follow the steps:

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