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Get Started with Atlas

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You can get started with Atlas via the Atlas CLI using a single command: atlas setup.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use atlas setup to:

  1. Sign up for an Atlas account.

  2. Authenticate with the new Atlas account.

  3. Create one free database.

  4. Load sample data into your Atlas database.

  5. Add your IP address to your project's IP access list.

  6. Create a MongoDB user for your Atlas database deployment.

  7. Connect to your new database deployment using the MongoDB Shell, mongosh.

You can also run atlas setup if you have an Atlas account and an organization/project but you haven't set up a cluster.

Before you begin, you must install the Atlas CLI.

Complete the following procedure to get started with Atlas.

atlas setup

After you run the command, enter Y to open the default browser. A browser window displays the Create Your Account screen.

If you want to log into an existing Atlas account, click Log in now and log in.

If you're already logged into an existing Atlas account, proceed to step 3.


Enter your account information and click Sign Up. Follow the prompts to verify your email or register using third-party authentication.


When you reach the Activation screen, copy the verification code from the Atlas CLI and paste it into the browser. Then, click Confirm Authorization and return to the terminal window.


After you verify your Atlas CLI session, atlas setup creates an M0 cluster. M0 clusters have some operational limitations.

If you log into an existing account and have existing organizations and projects, atlas setup prompts you to select a default organization and default project. Select a default organization and project and press Enter.

When the Atlas CLI prompts Do you want to set up your first free database in Atlas with default settings? It's free forever!, enter Y to create your cluster with the default settings.

The command creates a sample M0 shared-tier cluster with the following default settings:

  • Cluster name: Cluster<number>

  • Cloud provider and region: AWS - US_EAST_1

  • Database Username: Cluster<number>

  • Database User Password: abcdef12345

  • Load Sample Data: Yes

  • Allow connection from IP: <YourIPAddress>

Do you want to set up your first free database in
Atlas with default settings? It's free forever! Y
We are deploying Cluster9876543...
Please store your database authentication access details in a secure location.
Database User Username: Cluster9876543
Database User Password: abcdef12345
Creating your cluster... [Its safe to 'Ctrl + C']

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Atlas account.

Use the connection string to connect to your cluster through mongosh or your application.

To view the status of your cluster, run the atlas clusters command.


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