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Get More Out of Your Data

MongoDB Atlas offers native tools to extend your data without the need to replicate or move it to other platforms or services.

Data Explorer

Run queries, view metadata about your collections, monitor index usage, and interact with your data with full CRUD functionality within the Atlas Collections tab

Atlas Search

Use Atlas Search to build fast, relevant, full-text search capabilities on top of your data with no additional infrastructure or systems to manage.

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Atlas Data Lake

With Atlas Data Lake you can query and analyze data across S3 and Atlas in-place and in its native format using the MongoDB Query Language (MQL) and tools.

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Atlas Charts

Create custom charts and dashboards with Atlas Charts, the native data visualization tool built for MongoDB’s rich document data model.

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Atlas SQL Interface

MongoDB’s Atlas SQL Interface, Connectors, and Drivers make it easy to natively query and visualize Atlas data with SQL-based analytics tools while preserving the flexibility of the document model.

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Build Real-Time Applications

MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to build modern, responsive applications with database triggers. React to database changes and authentication events as they happen.

Auto-Fill User Profiles

When a new user signs up with an authentication provider like Google or Facebook, create a new document in the database that auto-populates with their name, email, profile photo, and other account information.

Schedule Physical Work

When sensor data from an IoT device indicates that inventory levels have fallen below a certain threshold or an appliance is malfunctioning, trigger a downstream system to schedule a restocking or maintenance event.

Monitor App Activity

When a user’s account activity appears suspicious, such as too many failed login attempts or declined credit card information, send a text or email notification to alert the user and have them review the actions in question.

Build Multi-Platform Applications

Atlas App Services makes it easy to build best-in-class apps across Android, iOS, and web using our intuitive app development services.

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MongoDB Atlas Reliability

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