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MongoDB and AWS: Accelerating Financial Services Innovation

Build better customer experiences faster, with MongoDB Atlas on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
MongoDB and AWS: Accelerating Financial Services Innovation
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Available in 27+ AWS regions
Providing an integrated set of database and data services, MongoDB Atlas on AWS lets financial institutions build highly available applications, performant at a global scale and compliant with security and privacy standards.Atlas in the AWS Marketplace
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AWS Financial Services Competency Partner
AWS Financial Services Competency Partners provide cloud-based offerings that help accelerate innovation for banks, insurance companies, capital market firms, and payment processors of all sizes.

How MongoDB Atlas on AWS powers innovation for financial services

To remain competitive in a data-intensive and highly regulated environment, it is important to free yourself from the rigid data architectures associated with legacy financial services applications. Modernize with MongoDB Atlas on AWS to create personalized customer experiences, launch new business models, and meet the digital requirements of banking and insurance.

Built for resilience, scale, and the highest levels of data privacy and security, MongoDB Atlas on AWS gives financial institutions the agility to meet data regulations as they grow in breadth and complexity.


Composable banking

Remodel your core banking systems with new features and services. Integrate MongoDB Atlas on AWS into your existing ecosystem to create cloud-native composable banking systems that are scalable, flexible, and secure. Orchestrate your open API ecosystem to make data flow between banks, third parties, and consumers possible with a flexible data model on AWS.


Fraud prevention

Increase the speed of insights to quickly identify fraud with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon SageMaker. Detect online fraud faster with machine learning integrations to achieve actionable insights needed for real-time, predictive fraud prevention.


Automated underwriting

AI is driving the shift towards real-time, automated underwriting and accelerated claims processing. Embrace the benefits of Large Language Models (LLMs) and other machine learning technologies with a scalable developer data platform on AWS.



Create an enriched payments experience in the cloud by consolidating, ingesting, and acting on payments data instantly – delivering value-added services and features. Scale effortlessly with reduced downtime and improved time to market.


Secure your data

With a built-in cloud security approach, MongoDB Atlas on AWS ensures compliance with banking security standards.


Time Series

MongoDB Atlas on AWS supports time series data natively, so you can analyze trends and identify anomalies quickly.


Visualize data

Easily create, share, and embed visualizations of your data from MongoDB Atlas and AWS to create quick, easy, real-time business insights.


Flexible deployment

Deploy MongoDB Atlas in 27+ AWS Regions worldwide, delivering a consistent experience.



Banking systems using MongoDB Atlas on AWS can scale automatically to meet business and regulatory requirements.


Embrace analytics

Build more intelligent applications that scale seamlessly and can ingest large amounts of data with MongoDB Atlas on AWS. Increase the speed of business insights.

"We now have the opportunity to explore data in new ways. I’m thinking of new services with the likes of machine learning so we can stay one step ahead and give our customers the best experiences."
Rob Johnson
Head of Application Architecture, Nationwide
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“Atlas Search is blazing fast! We can surface relevant results from data sets with tens of millions of documents in around 15ms.”
Daniel Maier
Lead Solution Architect, Helvetia
“MongoDB Atlas on AWS has given us the scalability and the comfortability we need within our infrastructure to grow. The combination is essential to our success.”
Felipe Chagas
Staff Database Engineer, PicPay
"This architecture enables us to push processing time and power to the cloud, where we can easily scale up and down as needed. At the same time, it improves the performance of our core on-premises applications."
Ali Montazer
Chief Technology Officer, Midland Credit Management

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MongoDB and AWS

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Harness the power of MongoDB Atlas and Amazon SageMaker Canvas for fraud detection

By harnessing real-time data, fraud detection models can be trained on the most accurate and relevant clues available. MongoDB Atlas, a highly scalable and flexible developer data platform, coupled with Amazon SageMaker Canvas, an advanced machine learning tool, presents a groundbreaking opportunity to revolutionize fraud detection.

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MongoDB Atlas is available in AWS Marketplace

Available in 27+ AWS regions. Consolidated billing and simplified procurement through your AWS account. Pay as you go with no minimums or upfront commitments.
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