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Application downtime or slow performance could spell disaster for any business. It is essential for companies to proactively monitor and work to ensure high availability and high performance for applications. As part of this strategy, operations teams should establish performance requirements that are continuously monitored to ensure the needs of the business are being successfully delivered to customers.

At MongoDB, we take database performance very seriously, and we work to make each release faster and more resource efficient. With MongoDB 3.0, we made major advances in database performance and compared this release to prior releases to understand just how far we had come. Using YCSB, a popular testing framework for database performance, we evaluated a number of workloads on MongoDB 2.6 and MongoDB 3.0. We found greatly enhanced performance over the previous version – anywhere between 7 to 10 times better performance.

United Software Associates, an independent third party, also tested MongoDB performance against other database technologies. In their benchmark testing, MongoDB far exceeded other databases in terms of throughput and latency across a number of configurations.

There is a reason why MongoDB is the leading database with 40 million downloads and the highest ranking from DB-Engines among NoSQL databases. Find out more about how MongoDB outperforms other leading databases by download the comparative benchmarks.

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