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Managing Distributed Data

Today’s generation of databases offers application developers lower cost, greater efficiency, and superior performance in comparison to its more traditional relational counterparts. A key driver behind the lower cost is the ability to scale out your system over commodity hardware. Older relational database technology, on the other hand, is expensive to scale because you need to buy a bigger server to meet the greater volume demand.

MongoDB is the leader in a new generation of databases that are designed for scalability. With a technique called “sharding” you are able to easily distribute data and grow your deployment over inexpensive hardware or in the cloud. One of the benefits of scaling with MongoDB is that sharding is automatic and built into the database. This relieves developers of having to build in sharding logic into the application code to scale out the system.

Scaling a database system is complex but MongoDB makes it easy. Find out more about the database developers love and the one that enterprises rely on to grow their businesses. Download our white paper today.

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