MongoDB at AWS re:Invent 2020

Connect with the team during AWS re:Invent and get hands on with MongoDB Atlas, learn from the experts that built the product, or even sit back and tune in for a night of entertainment.

MongoDB Late Nite
Thursday, December 3
2-6 PM PT | 5-9 PM ET | 10PM-2AM GMT

We’re throwin’ it back to the days of retro up-all-night realness at our virtual “after party.”

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Late Nite
Shopping Network

You’ve heard of QVC. Don’t miss the chance to snag all of our small-batch swag items, every hour, on the hour. Sign on, dial in (literally with your phone), and win.

What is: a board full of
dev-focused trivia?

Find yourself inside a late-night game show rerun and flex that brain muscle of yours with hundreds of other party people.
Yes, there are prizes.

Tarot say what?
The future of coding

Don’t waste your money calling that 1-900 number. Come to us to see into the Future of Coding during an interactive reading by a VERY accurate psychic.


Tell our robot friend what you have in your ever-waning bar cart inventory and get a custom cocktail recipe.

The Joys of WFH

Lament over Work From Home woes with Bob Ross... Or a distant Ross family member... Or maybe a VERY convincing understudy.

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Curly brackets encasing a MongoDB leaf

AWS Jam – Excel isn't a database!

  • Test your skills by connecting MongoDB Atlas Data Lake to CSV data that's been languishing in an S3 bucket. Run an aggregation to complete the challenge and claim your points.

  • Available on-demand for the duration of AWS re:Invent

Dive deeper with us

At our breakout session, get an in-depth demo of MongoDB Atlas, our database as a service.
A diagram showing Online Archive querying data from an S3 bucket to be used in MongoDB Atlas

Databases & S3: auto-archiving and federated queries

As your data grows, you may want to optimize performance (or cost) by migrating old or infrequently used data into cheap object storage. This presents its own problems: automating the archival process, ensuring data consistency during failures, and either querying two data stores separately or building a query federation system.

In this talk, you’ll learn about how we approached building our Online Archive and Federated Query features into MongoDB Atlas and how we addressed these problems.

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Our online booth

Stop by MongoDB's sponsor page, our hub at this year’s AWS re:Invent virtual conference.
The letters of MongoDB graphically arranged on top of 3-dimensional blocks

Come say hello!

  • Product experts are available to answer your questions.

  • Self-serve content playlists featuring education, customer success, and the latest product features.

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