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MongoDB Atlas on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

MongoDB Atlas and AWS allow you to build enterprise-ready, intelligent apps with the flexibility, scalability, and high availability you need.
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MongoDB Atlas in AWS Marketplace
MongoDB Atlas is easily accessible in AWS Marketplace and available in over 27 AWS regions. Consolidate your billing and simplify your procurement process through your AWS account. Get started for free or pay-as-you-go with no minimums or upfront commitments.
Trade Ledger

Drive Innovation at scale

MongoDB and AWS offer a robust, scalable, and cost-effective portfolio of services for building intelligent apps all while reducing complexity and sprawl so you can focus on driving business value instead of managing infrastructure.
Amazon Eventbridge

Enrich your mobile applications

Integrate your Realm app with Amazon EventBridge.


Automate workflows

Ingest MongoDB Atlas data using Amazon EventBridge.


Build agile serverless systems

Build serverless event-driven applications.

AWS Compute
AWS Analytics

Accelerate and simplify your data

Integrate the MongoDB Cloud with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose.


Build a Serverless Architecture

Build a serverless stream analytics platform with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and MongoDB Realm.


Create value from rich modern data

Atlas Data Lake gives you a powerful and flexible way to analyze and explore your data on Amazon S3.


Configure database users

Leverage Atlas to create database users to provide clients access to the database deployments in your project.


Using AWS IAM authentication

Use AWS Identiy and Access Management (AWS IAM) authentication with MongoDB in Atlas to build modern secure applications.


Set up unified AWS access

When Atlas accesses AWS services, you can set up an IAM role to support unified access.


Configure database users

Manage access to your AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) encryption keys for customer key management.


Client-Side Field Level Encryption: FAQ and Webinar

Replay the webinar on MongoDB’s new Client-Side Field Level Encryption (FLE) security framework.

Unified Cloud Solutions

Atlas Data Lake

Simplify your infrastructure by unlocking the value of your data.


Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Accelerate and simplify how you build with data.


AWS PrivateLink

A secure way for Atlas users to connect to their AWS Atlas clusters.



Authenticate to Atlas clusters using existing and temporary Amazon IAM credentials.


AWS App Runner

Build, scale, and simplify the deployment of your applications.



The Open Group OSDU™ Forum enables the energy industry to develop changes in exploration efficiency.


Comprehend and Textract

Automatically build and scale a serverless app.


Serverless stream analytics platform

Build a serverless architecture to reduce complexity.


Quick start

This quick start deploys MongoDB Atlas on AWS.


Integrated billing

Unify billing and retire enterprise discount program (EDP) commits through AWS Marketplace.


Drive Innovation at Scale

With MongoDB Atlas on AWS, you can focus on driving business value instead of managing infrastructure.


The Enterprise Guide to Database Migration

Increase agility and accelerate time to value by modernizing with MongoDB Atlas and AWS.

MongoDB Atlas and Amazon CodeWhisperer

Accelerate developer innovation with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon CodeWhisperer for a seamless coding experience, improved efficiency, and exceptional growth.
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“We can take a fleet of virtual machines across all 19 AWS Wavelength zones and run Atlas Device SDKs on each of those instances with Device Sync. What I love about Device Sync is, as a developer, I don't have to deal with conflict resolution. It's just done for me. And we think that’s an incredibly powerful tool for developers.”
Robert Belson
Principal Engineer, Corporate Strategy, Verizon
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“Running on top of AWS and MongoDB Atlas has made it possible to successfully navigate the security requirements of highly regulated industries.”
Nick Gamble
Head of Evangelism, Unqork
“MongoDB Atlas on AWS has given us the scalability and the comfortability we need within our infrastructure to grow. The combination is essential to our success.”
Felipe Chagas
Staff Database Engineer, PicPay
“We can spin up new environments quickly if there is a new project coming up that requires more resources. If we want to clone our environment, in the past it was all manual processes. Nowadays, with Atlas, it is very easy and saves lots of effort and time.”
Oleg Joukov
Principal Database Engineer, Shutterfly
“We’ve always been firm believers in the benefits of document-oriented storage as a means to rapidly drive and enhance the product offering”
Matt Born
CTO and Co-Founder of Trade Ledger

Startup resources with AWS

The MongoDB for Startups program helps early stage startups focus more on business value and less on databases.
Go to MongoDB Startups

MongoDB for Startups is available in AWS Activate

MongoDB startups are eligible for $5k in credits to AWS Activate, and MongoDB for Startups is an Activate Exclusive Offer in the AWS Activate Console.


How startup Everfit leverages MongoDB to build and scale their product

Hear from founder Johnathan Wang on how MongoDB for Startups helped his team build out their product and scale globally in customer support.


Learn more about how MongoDB for Startups can help you scale on MongoDB and AWS

Earn $500 in credits for MongoDB Atlas, get one-on-one technical advice, and co-marketing and partnership opportunities.


Can I use MongoDB with AWS?
MongoDB Atlas is on AWS Marketplace. With just one click, you can get started today with our Pay-As-You-Go option.
How do I run MongoDB on AWS?
To deploy MongoDB on AWS, you can set up a new cluster on MongoDB Atlas, or live-migrate an existing MongoDB deployment using the Atlas Live Migration Service.
How do I access MongoDB on AWS?
Once you have deployed your MongoDB cluster on AWS, either by using MongoDB Atlas or creating a self-managed cluster, use the cluster’s connection string to access either from the command line, or through a MongoDB driver in your language of choice.
Is MongoDB free on AWS?
MongoDB Atlas has a free tier that’s ideal for trying out the service as you get comfortable. If you’re using our fully-managed platform, you’re only billed for what you use. If you’re managing your own cluster, your AWS pricing for the resources it uses will apply.
What is MongoDB Atlas?
MongoDB Atlas is a fully managed document database service in the cloud, brought to you by the core team at MongoDB, helping organizations drive innovation at scale by providing a unified way to work with data that addresses operational, search, and analytical workloads across multiple application architectures, all while automatically handling the movement and integration of data for its users.
Can I buy MongoDB Atlas in AWS Marketplace?
Yes, MongoDB Atlas is available in AWS Marketplace. There are no minimums and no upfront commitment required; your Atlas cost will be billed to your AWS account. Get Started
What is the MongoDB Developer Community, and how can I get involved?
Visit the MongoDB Developer Community Forum - your hub for events, user groups, programs, and discussions. Connect, share, and build skills.