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Find out more below about how to build an in-place S3 Data Lake with MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake Setup

Learn how to setup your MongoDB Atlas Data Lake connection to explore data stored in Amazon S3 buckets.
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Watch the Atlas Data Lake demo

Watch our CTO and co-founder Eliot Horowitz demo Atlas Data Lake at MongoDB World 2019.
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Atlas Data Lake and MongoDB Compass - Connected

Learn how to use MongoDB Compass to query and explore data in Amazon S3.
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Getting started fast & easy in 5 steps

Configure a new data lake in the Atlas control panel.

Specify the S3 buckets to query.

Configure IAM to give the Atlas user read-only access to your S3 buckets you want to query.

Map your S3 buckets to MongoDB collections using the MongoDB shell.

Query your data lake from within the shell or make use of MongoDB Compass, MongoDB Charts, or any MongoDB Driver.

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MongoDB Atlas Data Lake

Atlas Data Lake allows you to quickly and easily query data in any format on Amazon S3 using the MongoDB Query Language (MQL) and tools.

  • No schema definition required
  • On-demand and serverless
  • Query S3 data in place
  • Standard MQL and MongoDB API
  • Supports compression
  • Compatible with all tools


Cheap Storage (S3)

Parallelizable Queries

Easy to query

Easy to ingest

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