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MongoDB Cloud Services

MongoDB Atlas, our developer data platform, is a cloud-native, integrated suite of database tools and services that simplify and accelerate modern application development.

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MongoDB Atlas

At its core, MongoDB Atlas is a fully managed cloud database built on the document model, the fastest way to innovate since documents are much easier and more natural to work with. You can store data of any structure and modify your schema anytime as you add new features to your applications.

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Illustration of documents connecting to different shards representing MongoDB's scalability.
Illustration of a magnifying glass on search results.

Atlas Search

Atlas Search integrates the database, search engine, and sync mechanism into a single, unified, and fully managed platform. Atlas Search is the simplest, fastest, and easiest way to build relevance-based search capabilities directly into applications.

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Atlas Vector Search

Build intelligent applications powered by semantic search and generative AI over any type of data. Integrate your operational database and vector search in a single, unified, fully managed platform with full vector database capabilities.

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Illustration of a pipeline representing Atlas Stream Processing

Atlas Stream Processing

Transform building applications that require processing complex event data at scale. Use one integrated platform — across API, query language, and data model — to continuously process streaming data alongside the critical data stored in the database.

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Platform integrations

MongoDB Atlas works with the tools you already use. It’s easy to integrate with your environment, from management systems to the larger data ecosystem.


Manage infrastructure as code with Kubernetes and Terraform integrations. Configure monitoring and alerting in DataDog, Slack, Sumo Logic, PagerDuty, VictorOps, and more.



Authenticate database users with LDAP, AWS IAM, or your own identity provider via SAML and manage secrets with Hashicorp Vault. Bring your own encryption key with key management integrations and use AWS PrivateLink for network peering.


Data Connections

Use MongoDB Connectors to integrate with the other data tools you use, including Kafka, Spark, Rockset, and most BI and visualization tools.


Development Tools

Use MongoDB Compass, the free native GUI for MongoDB, or work in your usual IDE with integrations for VS Code and JetBrains products.



With more than a dozen drivers for most popular languages, use a library that lets you write queries idiomatically in your application.

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