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The latest update on all things MongoDB, from new capabilities in MongoDB 5.1 to serverless databases in MongoDB Atlas, and much more.

MongoDB 5.1

The next generation of MongoDB. Build new applications faster. Future-proof, scale, and secure them in ways that are ahead of other databases.

Time Series Enhancements (5.1)

MongoDB 5.1 introduces new time series capabilities including support for automatic data archival, data densification to better handle missing data, delete operations, and the ability to distribute time series datasets across shards.

Cross-Shard Joins & Graph Traversals (5.1)

Introduced in prior versions of the database, $lookup (joins) and $graphlookup (graph traversal) previously supported replica sets. Now they work against sharded clusters, allowing users to combine and traverse related data across shards.

Native Time Series Platform

Introduced with MongoDB 5.0, time series collections, clustered indexing, analytics functions, and federated query with Atlas Data Lake make it faster and lower cost to build and run IoT and financial applications.

Live Resharding

Horizontally scale-out your workloads without friction. As your workload grows and evolves, change the shard key for your collection on-demand with no database downtime or complex migrations.

Versioned API

Fearless Upgrades. Future-proof your applications and run them unchanged for years even as you upgrade your database.

Multi-Cloud Client-Side Encryption

Bringing some of the industry’s strongest data privacy controls to all major clouds. MongoDB drivers encrypt sensitive fields application-side, protecting data in-motion, in-memory, and at-rest. With MongoDB 5.1, client-side encryption will also work with any KMIP-compliant KMS.

Operational Analytics Enhancements (5.1)

Aggregations that write the results of a pipeline to a collection — e.g., updating a view — can now execute on secondaries. This allows users to direct more of their analytics queries to dedicated analytics resources, minimizing resource contention with operational workloads.

Run MongoDB 5.0 Anywhere

From multi-cloud clusters or serverless instances in Atlas to private and hybrid deployments controlled by Ops Manager 5.0 and Kubernetes, no other database gives you so much freedom.

MongoDB Atlas

The only multi-cloud application data platform that gives you the versatility you need to build sophisticated and resilient applications that can adapt to changing customer demands and market trends.

100x Faster Facets and Counts

Available in preview with Atlas Search, faceted search allows users to filter and quickly navigate search results by category and see the total number of results per category for at-a-glance statistics.

Atlas Data API

Available in preview the new Atlas Data API is a REST-like, resilient API that will allow developers to perform complex queries and aggregations against data in MongoDB Atlas. Scalable and secure, enjoy the efficiency of intuitive, out-of-the-box data access over HTTPS.

Atlas Search Synonyms

Build rich full-text search on top of your data in Atlas. Define semantically equivalent search terms to improve results and help people find the content they want.

MongoDB CLI Quick Start

Spin up a fully functional, new cluster in minutes without ever leaving your terminal. Our guided experience streamlines the set up process in the CLI so you can begin working within Atlas, faster.

MongoDB Realm

The fastest way to build performant, resilient apps that run offline and keep data in sync across multiple devices, users, and the backend.

MongoDB for Analytics

Developer Tools and Integrations

Improved Productivity for C# Developers

MongoDB 5.1 will introduce a completely redesigned LINQ interface that will allow C# developers to write all of their MongoDB queries — including sophisticated aggregation pipelines — natively in C#.