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FEATUREDFebruary 13, 2024

Atlas Stream Processing is Now in Public Preview!

Atlas Stream Processing is now in public preview and available for all developers on Atlas. Give it a try today to start continuously processing your streaming data using the MongoDB Query API and aggregation pipelines.

newmongodb atlas stream processing
FEATUREDDecember 04, 2023

Dedicated Search Nodes Infrastructure and Vector Search: In General Availability

MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes provide dedicated infrastructure to scale generative AI and relevance-based search workloads with Vector Search

newmongodb atlas search
FEATUREDOctober 19, 2023

Available Now: Search Nodes dedicated infrastructure

Search Nodes are dedicated infrastructure for Atlas Search and Vector Search workloads, allowing you to fully scale search independent of database needs, with better performance at scale, higher availability, and workload isolation.

newmongodb atlas search
February 29, 2024

Now Generally Available: Azure Support for Atlas Data Federation and Online Archive

Support for Atlas Data Federation and Online Archive on Azure is now Generally Available. Whether you're querying across MongoDB Atlas databases and cloud storage offerings, or archiving data at scale, our latest offerings ensure that your data strategy is seamless, efficient, and Azure-centric.

mongodb atlas data federationdata archivalnew
February 15, 2024

Introducing Resource Tagging for Projects

We are thrilled to announce that Atlas has now extended its tagging functionality to include projects in addition to deployments. This enhancement enables users to apply resource tags to projects, further enriching the way you can associate metadata with your cloud resources.

newmongodb atlas
January 11, 2024

Introducing MongoDB’s Full Stack FastAPI Application Generator

Elevate your web development with MongoDB's latest release of the Full Stack FastAPI App Generator. Use the App Generator to minimize your setup time for a production grade application, so you can get right to building with the power of FastAPI, React, and MongoDB.

December 18, 2023

Introducing Auto-Index Creation for Atlas Serverless Instances, Now in Preview

Atlas serverless instances now offer auto-index creation, a new capability that automatically generates indexes to help optimize performance and reduce the cost of your queries. Auto-index creation is enabled by default for all serverless instance deployments.

newmongodb atlasserverless
December 04, 2023

🔐 Atlas Data Federation now supports OpenID Connect authentication

🔐 Atlas Data Federation now supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication in public preview! Enjoy seamless and unified access to MongoDB cloud products. Learn more!

newannouncementmongodb atlas data federationsecurity
November 16, 2023

Set a Retention Policy to Manage Older Data Lake Datasets

Previously, Atlas Data Lake required a manual deletion of datasets. Now, you can set it and forget it—configure your retention policy once, and let Atlas Data Lake automatically delete older data, saving you time and reducing costs.

newmongodb atlas data lake