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Managing MongoDB - Services and Options

Whether you’re already cloud-first, or looking for automated services for on-premise installations, we have you covered. Here are our three most popular services to help you manage your MongoDB database:

  • MongoDB Atlas makes running MongoDB in the public cloud easier than ever with fully managed database clusters, automatic performance tuning recommendations, integrations with popular business intelligence tools, and simple usage-based billing.

  • Use MongoDB Cloud Manager to run on-premise MongoDB infrastructure with professional-grade management, monitoring, and performance tuning on your own terms.
  • MongoDB Compass is the desktop graphic user interface (gui) for MongoDB that allows you to visualize and manipulate your data

## MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is the fully managed, cloud-native database platform from MongoDB. Atlas makes creating, scaling, and managing database clusters in any cloud painless and easy, while providing integrated performance monitoring, data analysis tools, and mature security and regulatory compliance tools.

Atlas makes developing data-driven software delightfully easy. No more having to manage your own MongoDB clusters: no more migrations, no more cluster configuration debugging, no more grepping through the logs to spot performance bottlenecks. In minutes you can have an auto-scaling Atlas cluster running in AWS, Azure, or GCP, and bridged directly into your existing cloud environment.

We want you to be up and writing code fast, knowing the database is taken care of - for now, and for the future. It takes only a few clicks to adjust your MongoDB Atlas cluster size up or down manually, or you could turn on auto-scaling and let Atlas keep up with the traffic by dynamically scaling up or down as needed to meet changes in data size and load.

MongoDB Atlas is the best way to run MongoDB in the cloud, bar none.

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MongoDB Cloud Manager

MongoDB Cloud Manager makes running your own MongoDB cluster a snap, with automated administration, real-time monitoring, cloud backups, and performance analysis tools. The most usable database for developers, and a breath of fresh air for operations teams everywhere.

From zero-downtime version upgrades to deployment and configuration changes to real-time performance dashboards, MongoDB Cloud Manager gives you the convenience of a cloud database and the control of an on-premise installation. The best of both worlds.

When it comes to performance, Cloud Manager puts you in the driver’s seat with detailed performance metrics, customizable alerts on Slack, PagerDuty, and DataDog, and the Performance Advisor (available with Cloud Manager Premium) will not only surface slow queries, it will make automatic index recommendations you can implement right there with just a tap. Cloud Manager keeps your MongoDB installation humming smoothly, and performing at peak.

You shouldn’t be spending your uptime worrying about database uptime. Cloud Manager’s fully automated cloud backups are continuous, replicated, and allow exact point-in-time recovery and snapshot download for a consolidated disaster recovery toolkit. You’ve got more important things to worry about. We’ll keep you running.

MongoDB Cloud Manager gives you all the tools you need to keep your MongoDB installation running like clockwork, and MongoDB Atlas makes moving to the cloud and scaling to meet any level of demand simple and fast.

MongoDB Compass

MongoDB Compass is the desktop interface to MongoDB. Connect Compass to your database, whether it’s on your laptop or in the cloud, and open up a whole world of insight into your database. Intuitive tools for viewing and working with data, detailed query plan analysis, aggregation pipeline builder, and more.

If you’re working with data directly on a regular basis, Compass gives you the power to query, view, and analyze data - including through Compass Plugins, which let you define your own data interaction experience right in the tool. Create indexes, test schema validation, and explore collection contents with statistical schematics.

MongoDB Compass is the interface for the active data analyst or developer who wants a high-powered development and analysis environment.