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MongoDB and Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the industry-leading container orchestration platform. You can use any distribution of Kubernetes to manage the full lifecycle of your MongoDB clusters, wherever you choose to run them, from on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud.
Atlas Operator
Enterprise Operator
MongoDB Kubernetes diagram for on-premises/private cloud and public cloud applications
Run anywhere with MongoDB and Kubernetes
No matter where your team is in the Kubernetes journey, MongoDB Kubernetes Operator allows you to run and scale your clusters with ease, regardless of your chosen infrastructure.

MongoDB Kubernetes Integrations

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Manage Atlas the same way you manage applications in Kubernetes.
Experience the best way to manage Atlas from within Kubernetes using MongoDB Atlas Kubernetes Operator. Simplify the deployment, management, and scaling of your Atlas clusters across AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. The Atlas Kubernetes Operator supports any certified Kubernetes distribution and provides a seamless, fully integrated experience.
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Quick start
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Self manage MongoDB Enterprise Advanced in Kubernetes
MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes helps you self manage your MongoDB instances in Kubernetes – whether on-premises, in your private cloud, in a public cloud, or spanning all three. Add in MongoDB Ops Manager or Cloud Manager for automation, backups, and monitoring.
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What is Kubernetes?
Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating container deployment, scaling, and management.
How do you use MongoDB in or with Kubernetes?
MongoDB has three Kubernetes Operators. Operators extend the native Kubernetes control plane to support custom applications. Our Atlas Operator runs in Kubernetes but enables management of Atlas using configuration in Kubernetes which is applied by the Operator calling Atlas APIs. In this way the Atlas Operator enables you to manage Atlas as Infrastructure as Code, either in Kubernetes, or more commonly in a repository and then applied to Kubernetes with the configuration for the rest of your stack. Then we have the Enterprise Operator, this enables running MongoDB Enterprise Advanced in Kubernetes, including Ops Manager. The Operator drastically simplifies running MongoDB EA in Kubernetes, including enabling simplified configuration of deployments and making tasks like upgrades much easier.
Which Kubernetes Operator should I use?

If you're using Atlas and the rest of your application stack is in Kubernetes then the Atlas Operator can drastically simplify the task of managing configuration for Atlas, including creating new databases.

If you need to run MongoDB on premise and are using MongoDB EA, then the MongoDB Enterprise Operator will make running it in Kubernetes much, much easier, simplifying the install and setup, as well as day two tasks like upgrades.

Get started with MongoDB and Kubernetes

With the ability to manage application containers side by side with their backing database instances, controlling your MongoDB deployments in Kubernetes has never been easier.
Atlas Operator
Enterprise Operator