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Atlas Kubernetes Operator

The best way to use MongoDB & Kubernetes. Deploy and control MongoDB Atlas clusters without leaving your Kubernetes platform.

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Get Started with the Atlas Kubernetes Operator

Learn how you can easily deploy and manage Atlas using Kubernetes using the Atlas Kubernetes Operator.

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A seamless MongoDB + Kubernetes experience

Manage Atlas clusters directly in Kubernetes, using Kubernetes custom resources. Use the Kubernetes API to control Atlas resources and integrate Atlas with Kubernetes-native CI/CD pipelines.
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Built to Kubernetes standards

The Atlas Operator is open source and built with the CNCF Operator Framework. It works with Operator Lifecycle Manager and supports any Certified Kubernetes Distributions.

The best of MongoDB on any cloud

Kubernetes-deployed applications are portable and resilient. They deserve a data layer to match: MongoDB Atlas is the multi-cloud developer data platform that provides the versatility you need to build resilient and sophisticated apps.
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Feature overview

Learn more about the Atlas Kubernetes Operator

Learn more about how MongoDB and Kubernetes work together. View our resources to learn more about how you can start using the Atlas Operator today!
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Get started with Atlas and Kubernetes

Manage your Atlas resources directly from your Kubernetes environment.
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  • User management
  • Project management
  • Cluster management
  • Serverless instances
  • Backup