Realm Application Development Services

Accelerate your development and deliver best-in-class experiences, using MongoDB Realm’s services to build modern applications.


Innovate. Iterate. Get to great, faster.

MongoDB Realm’s application development services let you focus on building the front-end features your users care about, without worrying about servers.

Let MongoDB Realm handle the complexity of your backend. Access the data stored in MongoDB Atlas directly from the client and use our services to reduce the code you need to write. Spend your newfound freetime validating ideas, building new features, and shipping great apps, instead.

Services that speed up innovation


Automatically generate a JSON schema for your MongoDB collections and enable GraphQL for your MongoDB apps with a single click. Build performant apps by querying against a single endpoint, to get exactly the data you need. When you use GraphQL alongside MongoDB’s other app development features - like built-in authentication and data access control - it’s also simple to secure your app.


Define and execute JavaScript functions without provisioning or managing servers. Realm Functions make it painless to implement application logic, securely integrate with cloud services, and build APIs.


Automatically execute functions in real time - in response to changes in the database or user authentication events, or by scheduling triggers to execute at preset intervals.

Data Access Control

Apply rules to define which users can access data in your app, and what data they can access. Declaratively set field-level permissions for app users and know they apply everywhere - across any platform and all Realm services. It’s the easiest way to ensure data security and end user privacy, across your entire application.

User Authentication

A production-grade authentication service manages user federation for you, whether you’re integrating an existing provider or using one of Realm’s built-in authentication providers.

Accelerating application development

More features powering your serverless experience

Robust SDKs

Client SDKs for JavaScript, React Native, Android, and iOS allow for cross-platform client support.

Static Hosting

Host and deploy your site's static content and run your entire web app on MongoDB Realm and Atlas. Get 100GB of static content serving free per month.

Logging & Debugging

Test and debug your Realm functions and view logs for all requests through the MongoDB Realm UI.


Build your app through the Realm API, then export to your local machine to customize, add to source control, and deploy using import command.

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