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Introducing MongoDB 2.6

This is our biggest release ever. We’re announcing the general availability of MongoDB Management Service (MMS) 1.4 and MongoDB 2.6, which builds on five years of innovation to simplify MongoDB.

In 2007, we set out to prove that a new data model could make working with a database simple and beautiful. The growth of the community and our customer base has validated that approach. For this release, we built a foundation for the next decade.

Architecture. We rearchitected core server modules. We improved scalability and performance. We made changes to the core to support improved concurrency in future versions. We simplified the maintenance of the database itself. And we reduced the effort to add classes of new features by 100x. Your investment in MongoDB today will continue to pay dividends in ten years.

Management. MongoDB Management Service (MMS) is an application for managing MongoDB clusters using a simple yet sophisticated user interface. MMS makes it easy to run MongoDB at scale, providing backup and monitoring, as well as automation (in testing with select users) for provisioning, upgrading and managing clusters. MMS is available to all users in the cloud and on-premise as part of MongoDB Standard and Enterprise Subscriptions.

Additionally, MongoDB 2.6 streamlines operations with background indexing on secondaries; operators to cancel long-running queries; mixed SSL connections; expanded SNMP support; and many other improvements.

Advanced Security. Building on the support in MongoDB 2.4 for roles, Kerberos authentication and SSL encryption, MongoDB 2.6 adds field-level redaction, customizable auditing, LDAP and x509 authentication, collection-level authorization, and user-defined roles. To learn more about security in MongoDB 2.6, download the 2.6 whitepaper.

New Use Cases. Index intersection makes it easy to run ad-hoc analyses and queries. Text search (now GA) makes it easy to incorporate search into apps without a separate, dedicated search engine. Pipelined data transformations allow you to perform multi-step data enrichment and transformations natively in the database.

Get Started. Download MongoDB 2.6. Sign up for MongoDB Management Service (MMS). For more information on the release, download the What’s New in 2.6 whitepaper, register for our webinar, and read the release notes.