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Compatibility Changes in MongoDB 7.0

On this page

  • Deprecations
  • Free Monitoring Decommissioned
  • Queryable Encryption General Availability
  • Backward-Incompatible Features
  • Intra-Node Authentication
  • Time-Series
  • Indexes
  • Cluster Configuration
  • Encrypted Multi-Map (EMM)
  • Wildcard Indexes

This page describes changes introduced in MongoDB 7.0 that can affect compatibility with older versions of MongoDB.

MongoDB 7.0 is a Major Release, which means that it is supported for both MongoDB Atlas and on-premises deployments. MongoDB 7.0 includes changes introduced in MongoDB Rapid Releases 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3. This page describes compatibility changes introduced in those Rapid Releases and MongoDB 7.0.

To learn more about the differences between Major and Rapid Releases, see MongoDB Versioning.

For detail on downgrading from MongoDB 7.0, see Downgrade 7.0 to 6.0.

Deprecated in version 7.0.

Starting in MongoDB 7.0, free monitoring is decommissioned. The following aren't available:

  • configuration option

  • --enableFreeMonitoring server parameter

  • db.enableFreeMonitoring() command

  • db.disableFreeMonitoring() command

  • setFreeMonitoring command

Starting in MongoDB 7.0, Queryable Encryption with equality queries is generally available (GA). Improvements in the GA make it incompatible with the Queryable Encryption Public Preview, which should not be used now that the feature is GA.

To use Queryable Encryption with equality queries, MongoDB server must be version 7.0 or later and drivers must be 7.0 compatible. If you are still using the Queryable Encryption Public Preview included with MongoDB 6.x, the server must remain on version 6.x and the drivers must be 6.x compatible. You cannot use MongoDB 6.x compatible drivers with a 7.0 server, or 7.0 compatible drivers with a 6.x server. Attempting to do so results in an error.

To make upgrading easier, MongoDB 7.0 drivers can decrypt data created with MongoDB 6.x drivers. For upgrade options, see the following sections.

If possible, create new collections rather than migrating those produced with the Queryable Encryption Public Preview in MongoDB 6.x:

  1. Upgrade MongoDB server and drivers to 7.0.

  2. Configure a new encrypted collection with a different name from the previous collection.

  3. Insert new data, or an unencrypted version of the existing data if you have a local copy.

  4. Drop the previous version 6.x collection.

If you cannot use new data or do not have an unencrypted version of the existing data:

  1. Upgrade MongoDB server and drivers to 7.0

  2. Using a 7.0 compatible driver, query the encrypted collection to decrypt it.

  3. Save the output locally.

  4. Configure a new encrypted collection and ingest the data.


  • The mongoexport and mongodump operations do not decrypt the collection. You must query the collection from a driver to output the decrypted data.

  • MongoDB 7.0 compatible drivers can't query encrypted fields on data encrypted with MongoDB 6.x compatible drivers. To decrypt data, either query an unencrypted field or query the entire collection.

The following 7.0 features are not compatible with earlier versions of MongoDB. To downgrade from MongoDB 7.0 to an earlier version, you must remove data that uses any of the following features:

  • Collections with encryptedFields with range indexes

  • Compound wildcard indexes require fCV 7.0 or greater. A pre-7.0 mongod does not start if you are using one or more compound wildcard indexes.

  • Config servers that have collections with changeStreamPreAndPostImages enabled

  • Secondary TTL indexes with partial filters on time series collections

  • Time series collections with custom bucketing parameters

Starting in MongoDB 7.0, you can configure servers to authenticate X.509 certificates as cluster members identified by attributes or extension values. You can also override this configuration to accept alternate certificates during a rolling upgrade.

To downgrade to MongoDB 6.0, perform the certificate rotation procedure to unset the net.tls.clusterAuthX509 setting and rotate the cluster membership certificates to ones with matching DC, O, and OU attributes.

Once this is complete, you can downgrade the cluster.

  • Remove partial TTL indexes from time series collections.

  • Remove or modify collections using new index parameters. In some cases, you may use collMod to switch to legacy granularity settings, if not you need to drop the collection before downgrading.

Remove columnar indexes from collections before downgrading the server.

Active setClusterParameter parameter operations prevent feature Compatibility Version (fCV) from successful completion.

Remove collections that use the encryptedFields collection option before downgrading.

Compound wildcard indexes require fCV 7.0 or greater. A pre-7.0 mongod does not start if you are using one or more compound wildcard indexes.

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