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Administration Commands


For details on a specific command, including syntax and examples, click on the link to the command's reference page.

Copies a non-capped collection as a new capped collection.
Add options to a collection or modify a view definition.
Defragments a collection and rebuilds the indexes.
Converts a non-capped collection to a capped collection.
Creates a collection or a view.
Builds one or more indexes for a collection.
Returns a document that contains information on in-progress operations for the database instance.
Removes the specified collection from the database.
Removes the current database.
Drops outgoing connections to the specified list of hosts.
Removes indexes from a collection.
Returns the md5 hash for files stored using GridFS.
Flushes pending writes to the storage layer and locks the database to allow backups.
Unlocks one fsync lock.
Retrieves the global default read and write concern options for the deployment.

Deprecated in version 7.1: Use the auditConfig cluster parameter instead.

Retrieves details on audit configuration and filters.

New in version 5.0.

Retrieves cluster parameter values from all nodes in a cluster.

New in version 6.0.

Retrieves configuration options.
Kills the specified cursors for a collection.
Terminates an operation as specified by the operation ID.
Returns a list of collections in the current database.
Returns a document that lists all databases and returns basic database statistics.
Lists all indexes for a collection.
Rotates the MongoDB logs to prevent a single file from taking too much space.
Rebuilds all indexes on a collection.
Changes the name of an existing collection.
Performs online TLS certificate rotation.
Enables or disables features that persist data that are backwards-incompatible.
Changes the minimum number of data-bearing members (i.e commit quorum), including the primary, that must vote to commit an in-progress index build before the primary marks those indexes as ready.

Modifies configuration options for all nodes in a cluster.

New in version 6.0.

Modifies configuration options.
Sets the global default read and write concern options for the deployment.
Shuts down the mongod or mongos process.