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Multi-Kubernetes-Cluster Quick Start

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Use the quick start to deploy a MongoDB replica set across three Kubernetes member clusters, using GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) and Istio service mesh.

Before you begin:


The following procedures scope your multi-Kubernetes-cluster deployment to a single namespace named mongodb. You can configure your multi-Kubernetes-cluster deployment to watch resources in multiple namespaces or all namespaces.

Follow along with this video tutorial walk-through that demonstrates how to create a multi-Kubernetes-cluster deployment.

Duration: 12 Minutes

Deploying a MongoDB Replica Set across Multiple Kubernetes Clusters

Select the appropriate tab based on whether you want to encrypt replica set connections in your multi-Kubernetes-cluster deployments using TLS certificates.

After deploying your MongoDB replica set across three Kubernetes member clusters, you can add a database user so you can connect to your MongoDB database. See Manage Database Users.

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