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  • Doctrine MongoDB ODM (Object Document Mapper) is a library that provides object-mapping functionality for MongoDB. You can use the standalone library or use one of the following framework integrations:

  • Mongo PHP Adapter is a library designed to act as an adapter between applications that rely on the legacy mongo extension and the new mongodb extension. It offers the API of the legacy driver for the new driver and library.

  • Mongolid is a performant ODM for PHP and MongoDB. It implements both ActiveRecord and DataMapper design patterns and supports embedded and referenced documents. You can use this standalone library or use the Laravel integration.

  • Xenus is a MongoDB ODM that supports events, relationships, embedded documents, and more. You can use this standalone library or use the Laravel integration, which adds support for failed jobs, migrations, and events.

  • Drupal

    • MongoDB integration for Drupal. This is a collection of several modules that allow sites to store different types of Drupal data in MongoDB. The mongodb extension supports Drupal 8 and later.

  • Laravel

    • Laravel MongoDB is MongoDB's official Eloquent model and query builder that supports MongoDB by using the original Laravel API. This package extends the PHP Laravel classes to work with MongoDB as a datastore in your Laravel application.

  • Symfony

    • Symfony MongoDB Integration describes the benefits of using MongoDB as a data store in a Symfony application and includes a tutorial to build a web application that uses this integration.

    • You can configure the Lock and the Session to use MongoDB as a data store.

    • MongoDB Bundle is a bundle service integration for the official PHP library. You can use it to configure connections to different databases or clusters. This integration includes a query profiler.

    • DoctrineMongoDBBundle Symfony This bundle integrates the Doctrine MongoDB ODM into Symfony so that you can store and retrieve objects from MongoDB.

  • Yii2

  • PHP Cache is a PSR-6 cache implementation that uses MongoDB as a cache pool. This project is part of the PHP Cache organization.

  • PHPfastcache is a high-performance backend cache system for MongoDB.

  • Enqueue is a production-ready messaging solution that uses MongoDB as the message queue broker. It provides a common way for programs to create, send, and read messages.

  • XHGui is a web interface for the XHProf profiler, which stores profiling data in MongoDB.

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