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View Sharded Clusters

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A sharded cluster is the set of nodes comprising a sharded MongoDB deployment. To view the metrics for a specific Cloud Manager deployment in a project, click the Metrics button for that deployment. Alternatively, click on the name of the deployment to open the deployment overview, then click the Metrics tab.

Monitor deployment metrics to identify performance issues and determine whether your current deployment meets your requirements. To learn more about the metrics available to monitor your deployments, see Review Available Metrics.

The Metrics view has three distinct sections:

Cloud Manager provides the following controls for the Metric view:


Modifies the granularity of metrics displayed for each chart. Select a granularity between 1 minute and 1 day (24 hours). Select Auto to automatically adjust the granularity based on the selected Zoom or Current Display date controls.

Auto granularity selects the highest fidelity granularity available within the selected time range and sharded cluster metric rendering limits.


Sharded Cluster Metric Rendering Limits

In the Sharded Cluster metrics view, Cloud Manager renders a maximum of:

  • 3,000 data points for a single series, and

  • 100,000 total data points.

As a result, when rendering metrics for large deployments over a long period of time, Cloud Manager may display metrics at a lower granularity than is retained.


For Premium Cloud Manager users, Cloud Manager retains data for the past year with a granularity of 1 hour. A year's worth of data results in 365 days * 24 hours, or 8760 data points per data series. Therefore, when rendering a year of historical metrics, Cloud Manager renders the chart at a lower granularity because it can only render a maximum 3,000 data points for a single series.

The granularity at which Cloud Manager gathers and stores metric data depends on your Cloud Manager plan. To learn more about metric data granularity, see Monitoring Metrics Per Plan.


Modifies the date range of metrics displayed for each chart. Select a zoom range between 1 hour and 5 years. Adjusting the Zoom automatically adjusts the Current Display date range.

Display Data

Directs Cloud Manager to display data based on the selected options

  • Individually - displays the selected metrics for each shard as an individual line.

  • Sum - displays the sum of the selected metrics across all shards in the deployment.

  • Averaged - displays the average of the selected metrics across all shards in the deployment.

Current Display

Modifies the start and end date-time range of metrics displayed for each chart. Modifying the start and end date sets the value of Zoom to custom and overrides the previously selected zoom level.


Selects which metric to chart. You can display no more than one chart at a time.


Selects which sharded cluster components to display

  • SHARDS - displays metrics for each shard in the sharded cluster deployment.

  • MONGOS - displays metrics for each mongos in the sharded cluster deployment.

  • CONFIGS - displays metrics for the config server in the sharded cluster config server replica set.

When viewing charts, you can do the following:

Zoom in on a period of time.

Click and drag the mouse pointer over a portion of the chart.

To reset to the originally selected range (zoom out), double-click the chart.


When you zoom in on a period of time, the Current Display date range in the chart control section automatically updates to reflect the selected period.

View statistics at a particular time.

Hover the mouse pointer over a point on the chart.

Cloud Manager displays each data source that contributes to the metric chart in a table below the chart. The table consists of the following:

Shard Name

When View is set to SHARDS, displays the name of each shard in the sharded cluster deployment.

When View is set to MONGOS or CONFIGS, displays the name of each mongos or config server mongod process in the sharded cluster deployment.

Click on a listed component to open the Metrics view for that component.

Indicates if there are any open alerts for the listed shard or process. Click on the alert icon to open the Alerts view for that shard or process. To learn more about responding to open alerts, see Manage Alerts.
Data Size

Only visible if View is set to SHARDS.

Indicates the logical size of all documents and indexes on the shard.


Only visible if View is set to SHARDS

Indicates which replica set members to show on the selected chart. Select Primaries, Secondaries or All.

Read, Write, and Queued
Metric data related to the displayed chart. Hover over the corresponding column for a pop up with detailed information on the metrics shown.


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