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Remove Project from Automation

Legacy Automation Agent has been removed

This Agent has been updated from your self-managed legacy Automation Agent to the MongoDB Agent.

When the Cloud Manager free trial period expires, Cloud Manager Automation is disabled for your Cloud Manager projects. As Automation doesn’t manage your MongoDB processes, you should:

  • Remove your MongoDB processes from Automation
  • Configure your processes to use Monitoring and Backup without Automation.


If you stop using Cloud Manager Automation with your project, Cloud Manager continues to monitor the project’s deployments with two caveats:

  • Cloud Manager tracks metrics at a less granular level.
  • Cloud Manager stores metrics for a shorter period.

To stop using Automation with your Projects, you should:


Click the name of the deployment that contains the process that you want to shut down. Cloud Manager opens the deployment Overview.


Click the Actions dropdown for the process that you want to shut down.


Click Suspend.


Click Suspend Automation to confirm.


At the top of the deployment Overview, click Review & Deploy


Click Confirm and Deploy.

See also

You can choose to unmanage individual deployments and continue using Automation for the project. To learn how, see Stop Managing and/or Monitoring One Deployment.