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Back up a Deployment

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You can back up your MongoDB deployment.


Only sharded clusters or replica sets can be backed up. To back up a standalone mongod process, you must convert it to a single-member replica set.

Cloud Manager builds snapshots using the latest patch release of MongoDB.


Consider a deployment where the current MongoDB version is 4.0.20.

If you back up a database running MongoDB 4.0.15, Cloud Manager creates the snapshot using MongoDB 4.0.20, the current version. Cloud Manager displays that snapshot as MongoDB 4.0.20 in the console.

MongoDB guarantees all patch release versions to be compatible. You can use the snapshots built with 4.0.20 to restore to your 4.0.15 instances, if needed.

Ensure your deployment items have unique names before creating backups.


Replica set, sharded cluster, and shard names within the same project must be unique. Failure to have unique names for the deployments will result in broken backup snapshots.

A Replica Set must:

A Sharded Cluster must:

All FCV 4.2 and later databases must fulfill the appropriate backup considerations.

The MongoDB version must meet the minimum compatibility.

Decide how to back up the data and what data to back up.

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