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Connect to Atlas for Live Migration

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In Stage 2 of the Live Migration workflow, you must connect from Cloud Manager to Atlas.

To connect an organization in Cloud Manager to Atlas, enter the link-token that you generated in Atlas into the Settings page of your Cloud Manager organization.

Use one link-token per Cloud Manager organization. If you have other organizations in Cloud Manager that contain deployments you want to migrate, create a link-token in Atlas for each organization and then specify it in the corresponding organization's settings. You can run Live Migration processes in parallel for each Cloud Manager organization connected to Atlas. For each organization, you can use the same link-token to live migrate that organization's deployments from Cloud Manager to Atlas, one at a time.

Before you connect to Atlas:

  1. If it is not already displayed, select your desired organization from the Organizations menu in the navigation bar.

  2. Click the Organization Settings icon next to the Organizations menu.


In the Organization Settings, the General Settings tab displays the configurable settings for the organization.

  1. Click the General Settings tab.

  2. In the Live Migration: Connect to Atlas section, click Connect to Atlas. The Connect to Atlas dialog opens.

  3. Paste the link-token that you copied from Atlas. The link-token contains details of your connection to Atlas.

  4. Click Connect to Atlas.


See also:

Once you connect to Atlas, you can provision a migration host.

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