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Change the Backup Region

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The following regions are available for Cloud Manager Backups. If you need to change your backup region, complete the procedure on this page.

AWS Region Location
eu-west-1 Ireland
eu-west-2 London, England, UK
eu-central-1 Frankfurt, Germany
us-east-1 Northern Virginia, USA
us-west-2 Oregon, USA
ap-southeast-2 Sydney, NSW, Australia


You can view your current Cloud Manager Backup region in the Continuous Backup section. To change your backup region:


Download any required backup snapshots.

To find the download link, click Continuous Backup, then the Restore History tab, then click the download link next to the snapshot.


Terminate your backups.

For each backup job, complete the steps to terminate your backups. When you terminate a deployment’s backup, Cloud Manager immediately deletes the snapshots that are within the dates of the current retention policy.


The backup region can only be changed once all backup jobs are in the inactive state.


Open a support case.

  1. In the Request Support dialog, click Create New Case.
  2. In the support case, specify the Cloud Manager project and the backup region that you want to switch to.

Restart your backups.

After MongoDB Support has changed the backup region for your project, you can restart your backups. For detailed instructions, see Restart Backup for a Deployment.