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Monitoring Agent Changelog

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The Monitoring and Backup Agent have been merged into the Automation Agent, which will now be known as the MongoDB Agent. Learn more about this change.

Released 2019-03-26

  • Made minor stabilization improvements.

Released 2019-03-05

  • Support for IBM zSeries for the Ubuntu 18.04, SUSE12, and RHEL7 operating systems.

Released 2019-02-13

  • Built using Go 1.10.

Released 2019-01-23

  • Preliminary work to support future consolidation of agents into a single agent.

Released 2019-01-03

Released 2018-10-04

  • Monitoring agent now collections information about balancer state.

Released 2018-06-04

  • Fix deadlock in underlying Go driver.

Released 2018-05-31

  • Support for upcoming MongoDB 4.0 release.

Released 2018-05-09

  • Incremental work to support MongoDB 4.0.

Released 2018-03-28

  • Fix corrupted build for RHEL6.

Released 2018-03-27

  • Logging enhancements.

Released 2018-01-08

  • Fix: Relax validation when krb5ConfigLocation parameter is specified. This no longer implies that krb5Principal and krb5Keytab are required.

Released 2017-12-07

  • Performance improvement: Make all uses of listDatabases use nameOnly flag.

Released 2017-10-26

  • Rename "Group" to "Project" on the Windows installer.

Released 2017-06-15

  • Use HTTP basic auth to authenticate HTTPS requests between the Monitoring Agent and

Released 2017-04-19

  • Do not print an error message when monitoring a newly created sharded cluster for which the config.settings document does not yet exist.

Released 2017-01-23

  • Support for macOS Sierra.

  • Compiled with Go 1.7.4.

Released 2016-12-13

  • Ensure that replica set members in STARTUP2 can be monitored successfully.

Released 2016-11-21

  • Fix: Prevent slow collection of database-specific stats from affecting main metrics collection loop.

Released 2016-11-07

  • Allow managed Monitoring Agents to be run as a service on Windows.

Released 2016-09-14

  • Update of underlying Go driver.

  • Partial support for upcoming major release of MongoDB 3.4.0.

  • Partial support for Kerberos on Windows.

Released 2016-08-24

  • Support for Power Linux.

Released 2016-07-12

  • Support for automatically backing off of monitoring interval for auto-scaled mongos deployments.

Released 2016-06-22

  • Support for high resolution monitoring for Cloud Manager Premium Plans.

  • Support for multiple active monitoring agents.

  • Explicit monitoring of arbiters.

Released 2016-05-16

  • Retrieve information on mongos in a cluster by querying the config servers.

Released 2016-04-20

  • Added support for log rotation.

  • Added a sticky header to log files.

Released 2016-02-18

  • Use systemD management on RHEL7 and Ubuntu 16.04.

  • Set ulimits in the packaged builds.

Released 2016-01-07

  • Added the ability to customize the Kerberos configuration file location.

Released 2015-10-14

  • Upgraded build to Go 1.5.1.

Released 2015-10-08

  • Support for MongoDB 3.2.0 config servers as replica sets

Released 2015-09-16

  • Built with Go 1.5.0.

Released 2015-08-10

  • Updated retrieval logic for oplog information to retrieve from either serverStatus or the oplog collection as determined by the roles of Monitoring Agent user to avoid authentication errors related to oplog information retrieval in MongoDB logs.

Released 2015-07-15

  • Added optimization to ensure that profile data collection is not impacted by clock skew.

  • Stopped collecting data-base specific recordStats information.

Released 2015-06-24

  • Updated documentation and setting URLs to

Released 2015-06-03

  • Adds an optimization to ensure the Monitoring Agent's database stats collection tasks do not synchronize.

Released 2015-04-22

  • Added an explicit timeout for TLS/SSL connections to mongod instances.

  • The Kerberos credentials cache now uses a fixed name.

Released 2015-03-31

Upgraded the version of the MongoDB Go driver (mgo), which fixes a rare deadlock while monitoring mongos processes.

Released 2015-02-23

  • Ability to monitor and back up deployments without managing them through Automation. Specifically, you can import an existing deployment into Monitoring, which allows you to use Cloud Manager to monitor and optionally back up the deployment. See Add Existing MongoDB Processes to Cloud Manager.

  • Support for x.509 certificate authentication.

  • Improved support for collecting database statistics from secondaries as well as primaries.

  • The Deployment tab now displays all deployment information, for both servers and processes, on one page, with icons for selecting view options.

Released 2015-01-28

Stagger the timing of DNS look-ups, to avoid triggering a rare issue in glibc 2.19 on Ubuntu 14.04.

Released 2015-01-08

Improved error handling on Windows.

Released 2014-11-12

  • The Monitoring Agent now identifies itself to the Cloud Manager servers using the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server on which it is running.

  • Improved connection management for monitored MongoDB processes.

Released 2014-10-29

  • Improve correctness of database statics collection by moving data collection into separate internal thread.

  • Adds support for non-default Kerberos service names.

  • Adds support for RHEL7.

Released 2014-09-30

Now uses the listDatabases to retrieve a list of databases.

Released 2014-09-10

Added support for authentication using MongoDB 2.4 style client certificates.

Released 2014-08-25

The default value for sslTrustedServerCertificates is now true. Users upgrading from 2.4.0 and using TLS/SSL will need to set the value of sslTrustedServerCertificates in their configuration file. See sslTrustedServerCertificates.

Released 2014-07-29

  • Upgraded agent to use Go 1.3.

  • Updated mgo driver, which includes fix for MGO-34. All DNS lookups should now timeout appropriately.

  • Added support for connecting to hosts using LDAP authentication.

  • Added support for version and -version.

  • Agent now displays git commit hash of Monitoring Agent in the log file.

  • Updates to the configuration file format.

Released 2014-07-08

  • Fixes issues with connecting to replica set members that use auth with an updated Go client library.

  • Added support for HTTP proxy configuration in the agent configuration file.

  • Agent includes support for an Offline data collection mode.

Released 2014-05-28

Improved logging for MongoDB 2.6 config servers when connecting with a user that has the built-in clusterMonitor role.

Released 2014-05-09

  • Reduce log spam when a mongod connection attempt fails, or the when connecting to a 2.0 mongod.

  • Prevent high CPU use when monitoring unreachable mongod.

Released 2014-04-15

Reduction in unnecessary log messages for unsupported operations on monitored MongoDB 2.2 instances.

Released 2014-03-26

  • Added Kerberos support for the new 2.x Monitoring Agent.

  • Windows click to install MSI agent installer.

  • Fixed duplicated profiling data error.

Released 2014-03-18

  • Enhanced ability to stay connected when network connections become unstable due to firewalls and other factors.

  • Included HTTP network proxy support for new 2.x Monitoring Agent with same environment variable mechanism available to the Python version of the Monitoring Agent.

Released 2014-03-11

A new 2.x Monitoring Agent with no Python dependencies for deployments not using Kerberos authentication or connecting to the internet via proxy.

Released 2014-01-06

  • Added a periodic diagnostic log message to the Agent that includes active host count.

  • Removed deprecated agent auto-update.

Released 2013-12-16

  • Added optional support for validating MongoDB TLS/SSL certificates and custom CA certificate paths.

  • Improved robustness of host IP address detection.

Released 2013-11-30

  • Added kerberos support for agents running on Python 2.4.x.

  • Added logging when the dbstats command fails.

Internal release only, not released.

Released 2013-11-18

  • Added support for the agent to connect to MongoDB deployments that use Kerberos.

  • Allowed the Monitoring Agent to send data to the Cloud Manager server after detecting changes, such as adding a new host.

Internal Release Only - not published.

Released 2013-11-05

  • Fixed bug that led to high CPU service with log collection and the agent's connection to a mongod instance failed.

Released 2013-10-21

  • Added options in the agent's ' to suppress database specific statics at the agent level.

  • Improved error messages in agent logs.

Released 2013-10-07

For monitored instances on MongoDB 2.4.x series, fixed a bug that reported monitored mongod instances as down during foreground index builds.

Released 2013-08-12

Agent now collects timestamps associated with hardware metrics, so that Cloud Manager can display more accurate minute-level charts.

Released 2013-07-15

Increased collection of data on shard names.

Released 2013-04-23

Removed the writeBacksQueued queued call.

Released 2013-03-20

Removed an error from the log if the agent is unable to collect profiling stats.

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