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Connect from Qlik Sense


Feature unavailable in Serverless Instances

Serverless instances don't support this feature at this time. To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

For M10+ clusters that have enabled the BI Connector for Atlas, the Connect dialog box provides the details to connect via the BI Connector for Atlas.

To connect to the BI Connector for Atlas:


Click the Connect button for your cluster.


Select Standard Connection and click Choose a connection method.


Click Connect Your Business Intelligence Tool and use the provided connection information to connect with your BI tool.

For more information on connecting to the BI Connector for Atlas, see Connection Tutorials.

  • Atlas cluster with BI Connector for Atlas enabled

  • Create a system Data Source Name (DSN)

  • Qlik Sense Desktop


Start the Qlik Sense desktop application.

  1. Click Create a New App.

  2. Enter a name for the app and Create. If created successfully, Open app.

  3. Click Add data from files and other sources.

  4. Select ODBC from the list of data sources.

  5. In the Create New Connection window, in the System DSN, select the DSN that you created earlier.

    Leave the Username and Password fields blank as the application uses the username and password specified in the DSN during the ODBC set up.

  6. Click Create.

For more information on the MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence, see MongoDB Connector for BI Manual.

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