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MongoDB Atlas Kubernetes Operator

AtlasTeam Custom Resource

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The AtlasTeam custom resource defines a team of Atlas users. To give this team access to one or more projects, you must reference the AtlasTeam custom resource from the AtlasProject Custom Resource and configure access roles for the team.


Custom Resources No Longer Delete Objects by Default

Atlas Kubernetes Operator uses custom resource configuration files to manage your Atlas configuration, but as of Atlas Kubernetes Operator 2.0, custom resources you delete in Kubernetes are no longer deleted in Atlas. Instead, Atlas Kubernetes Operator simply stops managing those resources. For example, if you delete an AtlasProject Custom Resource in Kubernetes, Atlas Kubernetes Operator no longer automatically deletes the corresponding project from Atlas, preventing accidental or unexpected deletions. To learn more, including how to revert this behavior to the default used prior to Atlas Kubernetes Operator 2.0, see New Default: Deletion Protection in Atlas Kubernetes Operator 2.0.

Atlas Kubernetes Operator does one of the following actions using the Atlas Teams API Resource:

  • Creates a new team.

  • Updates an existing team.

The following example shows an AtlasTeam custom resource that defines the green-leaf-team, comprised of four users. This custom resource must be referenced from the AtlasProject Custom Resource before this team can access an Atlas project:

kind: AtlasTeam
name: green-leaf-team
name: "greenLeafTeam"
- ""
- ""
- ""
- ""

This section describes the AtlasTeam custom resource parameters available.

Type: string


Name that the AtlasProject Custom Resource uses to add this team to a project.


Type: string


Namespace other than default that you want to contain the atlasTeam custom resource. If you define a custom namespace, you must add it to the AtlasProject Custom Resource in the spec.teams.teamRef.namespace field.

Type: string


Human-readable label that identifies your team. This name appears wherever you view, add, or edit teams to help you differentiate between multiple teams.


Type: string


List that contains the Atlas usernames for the members of this team.





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