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  • Prerequisites
  • Enable Atlas SQL for Your Cluster Data
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This page guides you through enabling the Atlas SQL Interface quickly. If you follow the Quick Start steps, it results in an Atlas SQL-specific federated database instance that maps to data on the cluster that you used to enable Atlas SQL. You cannot modify this federated database instance, but you can delete it.

  • Any Atlas cluster running MongoDB version 5.0 or higher and containing data. You can use your own data or import MongoDB sample data.

  • A MongoDB database user with which to connect.

To enable the Atlas SQL Interface with an Atlas-managed federated database instance:


Select Database from the left navigation panel.


Click the Connect link at the bottom of your deployment card, under Atlas SQL.

A connection dialog box opens.



Atlas creates and manages a federated database instance in the background to support the SQL connection.

To view or delete the federated database instance created with Quick Start, select Data Federation from the left navigation panel. Your federated database instance appears under Quick Start Atlas SQL federated database instance. You cannot modify this federated database instance.


Select a database from the Database dropdown.

Save your connection information. You'll need this in a later step.

You have now successfully enabled Atlas SQL on a federated database instance that maps data on the database in the Atlas cluster that you specified.

To connect to this federated database instance and query your data with Atlas SQL, see Connect.

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