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Set Up Atlas with atlas quickstart

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  • Prerequisites
  • Configure an Atlas Cluster
  • Take the Next Steps

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the atlas quickstart command to:

  1. Create one cluster in your Atlas project.

  2. Load sample data into your Atlas cluster.

  3. Add your IP address to your project's IP access list .

  4. Create a MongoDB user for your Atlas cluster.

  5. Connect to your new cluster using the MongoDB Shell, mongosh.

To create a cluster using a configuration file, run the atlas clusters create command with the --file option instead of atlas quickstart. To learn more about the configuration file for an Atlas cluster, see Cluster Configuration File.

Before you begin, complete the following tasks:

Use the atlas quickstart command to create an M0 cluster in Atlas. M0 clusters have some operational limitations.

You can run this command in the following ways:

  • Default settings mode: the command creates a sample shared-tier cluster with the
    default settings.
  • Interactive mode: the command prompts you for the cluster settings and provides default values.

  • Noninteractive mode: you run the command with the options.

Click the tab to see the command for your preferred mode.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a cluster to host your data.

Use the connection string to connect to your cluster through mongosh or your application.

To view the status of your cluster:

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