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Atlas Search M0 (Free Cluster), M2, and M5 Limitations

The following limitations apply to Atlas Search on M0, M2, and M5 clusters only:

  • You cannot create more than:

    • 3 indexes on M0 clusters.

    • 5 indexes on M2 clusters.

    • 10 indexes on M5 clusters.

    There are no limits to the number of indexes you can create on M10+ clusters.

  • When you reach the maximum number of indexes allowed for the cluster tier, you can upgrade your cluster tier to create additional indexes. If you upgrade your cluster tier, the indexes are rebuilt on the new cluster tier, which triggers an initial sync.

  • An index definition JSON object cannot exceed 3KB in size.

  • An index definition can have only one synonym mapping.

  • Index builds with more than 300 fields fail.

  • Lucene's default clause limit of 1024 applies to any BooleanQuery created for searches.

  • The synonyms collection can't exceed 10,000 documents.

  • Atlas Search doesn't capture or display query analytics for tracked queries.

  • You can't use the mongosh command or driver helper methods to create, retrieve, edit, or delete Atlas Search indexes.

  • You can't deploy search nodes separately.

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