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Standard Analyzer

The standard analyzer is the default for all Atlas Search indexes and queries. It divides text into terms based on word boundaries, which makes it language-neutral for most use cases. It converts all terms to lower case and removes punctuation. It provides grammar-based tokenization that recognizes email addresses, acronyms, Chinese-Japanese-Korean characters, alphanumerics, and more.


Atlas Search won't index string fields that exceed 32766 bytes in size.

The following example index definition specifies an index on the title field in the sample_mflix.movies collection using the standard analyzer. If you loaded the collection on your cluster, you can create the example index using the Atlas UI Visual Editor or the JSON Editor. After you select your preferred configuration method, select the database and collection.

The following query searches the title field for the term action and limits the output to two results.

"$search": {
"text": {
"query": "action",
"path": "title"
"$limit": 2
"$project": {
"_id": 0,
"title": 1
title: 'Action Jackson'
title: 'Class Action'

Atlas Search returned these documents because it matched the query term action to the token action for the documents, which Atlas Search created by doing the following for the text in the title field using the lucene.standard analyzer:

  • Convert the text to lowercase.

  • Split the text based on word boundaries and create separate tokens.

The following table shows the tokens (searchable terms) that Atlas Search creates using the Standard Analyzer and, by contrast, the tokens that Atlas Search creates for the Keyword Analyzer and Whitespace Analyzer for the documents in the results:

Standard Analyzer Tokens
Keyword Analyzer Tokens
Whitespace Analyzer Tokens
Action Jackson
action, jackson
Action Jackson
Action, Jackson
Class Action
class, action
Class Action
Class, Action

If you index the field using the:

  • Keyword Analyzer, Atlas Search wouldn't match the documents in the results for the query term action because the keyword analyzer matches only documents in which the search term matches the entire contents of the field (Action Jackson and Class Action) exactly.

  • Whitespace Analyzer, Atlas Search wouldn't match the documents in the results for the query term action because the whitespace analyzer tokenizes the title field value in its original case (Action) and the query term has the lowercase action, which doesn't match the whitespace analyzer token.

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