MongoDB Atlas Data API (Preview)

Data API. Instant, REST-like data access

A serverless, secure API for accessing your Atlas data. The Data API makes it easy to query Atlas without the operational overhead.
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Fast, intuitive data access

Get instant access to your Atlas data over HTTPS via an easy-to-use, REST-like API. No drivers necessary.
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Powerful query functionality

Start performing reads and modifying your Atlas data in minutes. The Data API has REST-like endpoints with support for aggregation pipelines to use with services like Atlas Search.
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Scalable and secure

Build data-centric applications without the operational burden. The Atlas Data API is a fully-managed API and secure.

Enable the Atlas Data API

Enjoy the efficiency of out-of-the-box data access paired with the always-on, highly available qualities of Atlas.
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  • Select your clusters
  • Enable the Data API
  • Generate the Data API key