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Gong Connects Millions of Daily Customer Interactions with Ideal CRM Sales Opportunities Through MongoDB Atlas, Enabling Clients to Unlock Valuable Insights

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Turning customer interactions into actionable insights

Since 2015, Gong has been on a mission to transform revenue organizations by harnessing customer interactions to increase business efficiency, improve decision-making, and accelerate revenue growth. How? By leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze the interactions (phone, email, web conference, text, etc) and surface actionable insights.

Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform enables companies to capture, understand, and act on all customer interactions in a single, integrated platform. The platform provides revenue teams with advanced visibility to see a unified view into customer and market dynamics, and smart guidance to improve productivity, prospecting, pipeline management, forecasting, and coaching.

The company has more than 1,200 employees across the world serving more than 3,500 customers. “We’re focused on turning customers into raving fans by enabling them to improve operating efficiency, make smarter business decisions, and achieve their full revenue potential,” said Nadav Hoze, Software Architect at Gong. “Conventional approaches yield conventional results. We’re aiming for extraordinary.”


Managing growing volumes of disparate data

To stay extraordinary, Gong needs to be at the forefront of modern development and trends. Its ‘Deal Association’ algorithm processes tens of millions of daily interactions and engagements (calls, emails, web conferences, etc) its customers have with their customers and prospects, and identifies the attributes that link each activity to the correct sales opportunity.

Opportunities can then be analyzed to identify the most successful tactics, trends, and areas for improvement. Customers can run searches and filter data by their choice of criteria to find the most meaningful insights for their needs. To continue providing this level of real-time visibility at scale, Gong needed a high-performing transactional database.

“Customer dashboards display their pipeline and activities. If our algorithm is slow, it leaves them blind. They won’t be able to track keywords, monitor deal sentiment, or find insights quickly enough to act on them,” said Hoze.

Initially, Gong encountered a challenge with a previous database provider as it failed to meet the operational requirements of their algorithm. "We needed transactions while maintaining low latency and high throughput. The previous provider was based on Lucene, and lacked transactional capabilities, so we had to store oversized documents containing thousands of interactions, which led to significant slowdowns in both read and write operations." says Nadav.

“We needed a database with Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability (ACID) properties and high throughput to support our algorithm and ensure we can analyze customer data coming from calls, meetings, emails and other engagements as quickly as possible,” added Hoze.


A transactional database with ACID properties

Gong went to market to find an adaptable database capable of supporting its complex data structure and handling future optimization with no downtime.

“MongoDB Atlas is a great fit for us. It can perform processes in milliseconds that other technologies fail to deliver, it has ACID properties, and it supports sharding,” explained Hoze. “We were already using it to store transcripts, so we decided to roll it out as our single source of truth for all customer data.”

The team ran an initial proof of concept with one customer and saw amazing results. As it scaled the solution to more customers, it continued to see impressive results — processes that were taking tens of seconds now took 20-30 milliseconds.

“It was super easy to switch to MongoDB, both as a developer and for my team. MongoDB Flex Consulting helped with the design and schema and provided training on how to use the platform,” recalled Hoze. “MongoDB has a simple interface, rich capabilities and great documentation, so we got up to speed quickly.”

Gong decided to shard its data across five clusters to future proof the environment. Sharding helps to allocate resources more evenly and meet SLAs with each customer by eliminating cross-shard queries, which are slower and less efficient.

“MongoDB Atlas automatically tries to balance data, which is something we couldn’t do with our previous solution. Now we can easily keep customer data together on one shard and have greater control over the environment,” added Nadav Hoze.

Empowering developers to focus on their own projects

MongoDB Atlas addresses concerns that the previous solution was causing heavy reads and writes and enables developers to work directly in Java without needing a third-party solution, speeding up velocity and productivity. Teams can develop independently at speed and focus on their own projects, where previously they needed a broader knowledge of other development work in the pipeline.

Moving to a solution with ACID properties also ensures the database is always in a consistent state and protects data integrity. As Hoze explains, “MongoDB Atlas knows if something happens between transactions and can roll back if necessary. If, for example, it was running a query to determine whether to associate CRM data with a specific deal when a second transaction relating to the same deal starts up, it can remove the first association if the second is more relevant without creating inconsistencies.”

MongoDB AT GONG reality platform

Processing data in milliseconds and running queries ten times faster

With MongoDB Atlas, customers enjoy a slick, seamless experience and interactions related to an opportunity surface almost instantly, leveraging Gong’s insights within minutes. “The response time between our algorithm associating data with a deal and storing the result in MongoDB is down to milliseconds,” enthused Hoze. “We ran tests before switching and other solutions simply couldn’t keep up or deliver the results we needed.”

Queries are running ten times faster, and sharding the environment prevents a surge in data volumes from causing capacity issues. MongoDB Atlas also provides greater agility, which enables the team to experiment and test functionality before rolling it out.

"We also had issues with the previous solution for storing the algorithm audits, so we POC'd the mongodb time series as a replacement.

Results were great in terms of cost efficiency and high read/write performance.

We're planning to switch to Mongodb Time Series." said Hoze.

MongoDB Atlas is becoming the database of choice for developers working with Java. The team has already rolled it out for an additional use case to support the app responsible for load and save settings, and Hoze praised the flexibility of the platform, which supports both complex and simple use cases.

“MongoDB is fast to develop, easy to maintain and optimize, and the support we get from the local team in Israel is incredible,” said Hoze. “They have our back around the clock and can engage with us in Hebrew. It’s a great platform but the level of support has far exceeded our expectations.”

With the right database platform, Gong is poised to grow and enhance its services to help customers unlock more insights from their data and hone their competitive edge.

“The response time between our algorithm associating data with a deal and storing the result in MongoDB is down to milliseconds. We ran tests before switching and other solutions simply couldn’t keep up.”

Nadav Hoze, Software Architect, Gong

“MongoDB is fast to develop, easy to maintain and optimize, and the support we get from the local team in Israel is incredible. It’s a great platform but the level of support has far exceeded our expectations.”

Nadav Hoze, Software Architect, Gong

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