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Sustainability at MongoDB

At MongoDB our goal is to empower developers to build a more sustainable future, one application at a time.
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Our commitment

We are committed to doing our part towards the global efforts to limit climate change and its adverse effects, and have set goals in line with our values as a company.
100% powered by renewables in 2026

0 net carbon emissions by 2030


Environmental Policy

Learn about MongoDB's commitment to environmental protection and the framework by which we set environmental targets and objectives.


Sustainable Procurement

Learn how MongoDB works to ensure sustainable practices are followed throughout our supply chain.


Corporate Sustainability

Check out MongoDB's third annual Corporate Sustainability Report and learn how we seek to positively impact our employees, the communities we operate in, and the environment.

How we reach our sustainability goals

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Our Product

MongoDB views sustainability as an important design principle and an essential part of the software development lifecycle. We offer a number of features that can be used to minimize our customers' carbon footprint.Explore MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas Serverless

MongoDB Atlas Serverless instances are optimized to scale the underlying infrastructure as needed, reducing operational overhead, energy use, and time to market.


Green Leaf Icon

To provide transparency and encourage eco-friendly setups, we have added a green leaf icon to indicate which of our 80+ cloud regions are renewable-powered.


Re-architected MongoDB Atlas

We adopted a lower power consumption infrastructure, reducing cloud electricity intake by 30%.

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Our Operations

We are working to make sustainability a core component of how we operate, and have begun to integrate it into our overall business strategy. We believe that environmentally responsible operating practices will serve to benefit our stockholders, partners, customers, and employees alike.

Responsible purchasing

We have instituted a supplier code of conduct, and limited the purchase of single-use products within our offices.



We encourage employees to choose green options when traveling, and have instituted a localized event strategy to limit both employee and customer footprint for our events.


Energy conservation

We exclusively procure LED lights and limit energy consumption from Zoom screens and laptops when not in use.

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Our Investment

Outside of our products and infrastructure, we have made additional investments to ensure long term progress and success for our goals.


The FY23 MongoDB Emissions sustainability circle graph.
We are committed to reducing our entire carbon footprint — including all relevant Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. The above captures our FY23 (Feb 22-Jan 23) corporate emissions. As we grow, we will evaluate the success of our carbon reduction efforts based on our intensity metrics (revenue and headcount intensity).

View our emissions verification

Where we stand today


LED usage in MongoDB Offices


Single-use supplies reduced


Cloud electricity usage reduction by restructuring MongoDB Atlas

“Successful sustainability transitions require companywide buy in. At MongoDB, our employee-powered commitment to sustainability is strong.”
Sophie Riegel
Sustainability manager

Lower your carbon footprint with MongoDB

We are committed to empowering our customers to build and deploy more sustainable applications on MongoDB Atlas. Join us in our efforts to reduce our environmental impact!
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Sustainable architecture whitepaper

Take a deep dive into strategies for making your database greener.


7 ways to reduce your database’s carbon footprint

Here are several steps organizations can take to reduce the carbon footprint of their databases.


Designing Sustainable Architecture with MongoDB

Learn how to build sustainable architectures with MongoDB.


Where can I find more information about all of your ESG efforts?
Check out MongoDB's third annual Corporate Sustainability Report and learn about the four key areas impacting our organization's sustainability goals.
View our corporate sustainability report
What is MongoDB’s ESG score?
Our rating from Sustainalytics is publicly available. To be sent our EcoVadis score, please contact sales. As we build up our sustainability efforts, we anticipate these scores to rapidly evolve.
View our ESG risk rating from Sustainalytics
Are MongoDB’s emissions third-party verified/audited?
Yes. One of our core values at MongoDB is being intellectually honest. As such, we have ensured trust and accuracy in our emissions through having the full scope of our emissions audited in accordance with ISO 14064.
View our emissions verification report
What are MongoDB’s historical emissions?
We have only publicly disclosed our Scope 1 & 2 for FY22 and FY21 under UK’s policy, streamlined energy and carbon reporting. Unfortunately, the rest of our historical emissions are not publicly available.
View our SECR report